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Glazing: on the safe side

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – They are perhaps the most underrated component in windows’ entire structure: glazing blocks. As the only connection between the frame and glass edge, they play a pivotal role. This is because they fully divert the load of the glass weight into the frame, ensure that the element functions correctly in the long term and hold the glazing securely in place. In this way, they ultimately prove to be a crucial stabilising component for the entire building facade. However, Roto Fenster- und Türtechnologie (FTT) emphasises that without a “consistently high level of quality”, the various roles cannot be fulfilled in practice.

For window manufacturers and installers, in their own interest and in their customers’ interest, the main priority is therefore to choose solutions that are tailored to requirements and will not give rise to any complaints. These include the extensive “Glas-Tec” portfolio offered by the construction supplier, as this guarantees the individuality required for different frame designs, glass thicknesses and support conditions. With a large number of individual products, such as those for triple glazing, heavy sash weights and protruding glazing, it covers all practical requirements. The use of only 100% virgin PVC ensures quality and durability. Using special test procedures, ift Rosenheim also verified the pressure resistance of the product range as set down in Technical Guidelines (TR) 3 of the Glazier Trades.

The wide range of products is ageing-resistant and temperature-resistant and is compatible with many edge composite sealing compounds for insulating glass. Roto describes two blocks in greater detail by way of example. With a reinforced profile leg system, the “GL-SV” version, which is ideal for standard glazing, ensures a high load-bearing capacity and features a ventilation channel, which adequately ventilates the rebate area to prevent damage to the glass edge. The “GL-B” version boasts impressive ease of installation, as it stays in place thanks to two brake membranes without additional fixing materials. The profile leg system also makes it stable under continuous pressure and able to bear loads.

Profile-related compensating blocks constitute another element of efficient glazing methods. As the manufacturer reports, they create the indispensable base for tested block material, ensure a level supporting surface, help with ventilating the rebate area and with load transfer, and can be clamped in the rebate area. According to Roto, glazing tools complete the “Glas-Tec” range of accessories.

Protected partners

The support package, which is “clearly superior” compared to what is offered by competitors, plays an important part in correct spacer blocking that is therefore reliable in the long term. Customers also benefit from recognised expertise in this field, which is due to the integration of market leader Gluske-BKV into the Roto Group back in 2008. The support package includes project-specific consultation, an exclusive 32-page “Glazing Guide” and a test service that is “one of a kind” in the industry.

As Roto explains, edge composite sealing compounds and laminated safety glass films are tested for their compatibility with the glazing blocks according to ift regulations in an in-house, QM 330-certified laboratory. Negative results are often the cause of severe damage to window sashes, glazing and sometimes even the entire structure. Through these tests, the window and door technology specialist tangibly protects its partners against liability-related risks. If you are interested in learning more, you can find detailed information and an installation video at