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Digital overview and insight

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – At Roto Fenster- und Türtechnologie (FTT), professional communication of expertise relating to products, their processing and successful sale is a tradition that dates back almost 15 years. Roto is pleased to highlight our wide variety of training opportunities offered by the Campus, which has an excellent international reputation. Along with the major reduction of in-person events, primarily due to the coronavirus pandemic, the popularity of digital learning is increasing dramatically. The logical result of this is the rapid development of the eCampus, which has been transformed into a useful and popular online training tool.

The web-based programme already covers a broad spectrum of topics. This applies in particular to the main hardware ranges “Roto NX”, “Roto AL” and “Roto Patio”, the in-depth content for “NX”, “Patio Alversa” and Deventer sealing profiles, as well as the “performance 4 sales” offer. This course ensures a standardised communication strategy for end customers in every (sales) phase. In 2021, there are plans to add further online training options with “Roto Door”, “Outward Opening” and “Casement & Awning”. The core markets for the “Outward Opening” windows are Asia, Western Europe and the USA. A characteristic feature of “Casement & Awning” windows, which also fall under the outward opening category and are equipped with the “Roto X-Drive” technology, is their operation by using a crank handle. In North America, this is the second most frequently used opening type.

The eCampus modules are available in up to 12 languages, meaning that they can be used for dealers and fabricators in virtually all business areas. Regular use of the platform combines a sound overview of the hardware systems with an insight into interrelationships and technical similarities in order to make production more efficient. In addition, the understanding gained from the different functionalities ultimately has a positive effect on the economic development of the companies.

The fact that e-learning is gaining in popularity is primarily due to its general advantages. The cost savings, flexible design options and ability to use digital training at any time and anywhere are some of its particular benefits. The Roto eCampus also impresses with its premium audio narration and the methodology and didactics in line with the current level of knowledge. For customers and market partners, this ensures efficient training and further education of their employees with less training effort.

The programmes can be completed wherever Internet access is available. In addition, the learning success can be monitored, as almost every module ends with a test. A learning unit typically lasts 30 to 60 minutes and can be paused and resumed at any time. Thanks to the simple user interface, the online alternative is also suitable for users with little or no experience of using IT systems. The construction supplier adds that compliance with data protection requirements is of course ensured.

Anyone interested in the training opportunities offered by the Campus can find more details on the hardware producer’s website at This includes a short video explaining how it works. The relevant customer adviser at Roto is also available to provide individual information.