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Control and regulation with Roto electronics

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Modern generations of windows, doors and sliding elements have provided a variety of useful services for some time now. For instance, they can take on control and monitoring functions which ensure greater security, comfort and energy efficiency in the home. According to Roto Fenster- und Türtechnologie (FTT), this requires buildings to be equipped with intelligent, electronically controlled technology, including the “E-Tec Control” wired sensor range with a wide selection of contact elements.

Two versions are available, which are hidden when elements are closed. These are a version that is screwed into a rebate, as well as a version that is concealed beneath a locking component. Both of these versions are available in three different designs. The “MVS-B” magnetic locking and opening monitoring system is certified in accordance with VdS class B and EN grade 2, while the “MVS-C” model is certified in accordance with “VdS class C and EN grade 3. The third version, the “MTS” magnetic thermostat sensor, can be easily connected to heating and air-conditioning systems thanks to a changeover contact.

Roto especially highlights the concealed solution. In this version, the technology remains hidden, even when the element is open, because the contact is in a protected position beneath a locking component. Another advantage is the integration of the magnet in a mushroom cam. This means that no locking points are lost. In addition, the standard configuration of the window can be retained.

Regarding the general functional principle, this means that detection of window locking is reliably ensured through connection with a magnet coupled to the hardware. This is why a single contact element is enough for combined opening and locking monitoring. When using a rigid magnet, only opening or tilt monitoring can be achieved.

This makes it easy to find a suitable solution for any application and any frame material. What’s more, all contact elements are equipped with potential-free contacts. Based on corresponding interfaces, this enables integration in different bus or Smart Home systems.

A trio on guard for you

The supplier goes on to describe key features of the three “Roto E-Tec Control” versions. According to Roto, the two “MVS” versions guarantee custom-designed solutions for notification of burglaries and risks. They monitor the status of windows, doors and sliding elements. If their magnetic field is interrupted, the contact elements transmit a signal to the alarm centre.

The “MTS” sensor ensures efficient ventilation and temperature control. It reduces heat loss during the heating period, playing a tangible role in saving energy. If the window or sliding element is open, together with a control system provided by the customer, it ensures that the heating is turned down automatically or the air-conditioning system is switched off. After closing the element, the reactivated magnetic contact indicates that the heating unit can normalise the temperature again.