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Concealed standard solution for aluminium profile systems which are flush with the surface

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – From the perspective of many architects and builders, using concealed hardware such as “Roto AL Designo” makes the design of modern aluminium windows with narrow profile views even more attractive. This is because concealed hardware components help create a puristic window design. In the past, if the window and sash frame also needed to be flush, the team at the Roto Object Business had to develop individual customer-specific hardware solutions for this. The market leader for Tilt&Turn hardware is now offering a concealed standard solution that is also suitable for profile systems which are flush with the surface – “Roto AL Designo STS”.

The turning curve of the new Tilt&Turn hardware prevents collisions when opening a window sash which is flush with the surface or a ventilation flap, even with little clearance. The “AL Designo STS” remains concealed, even in very narrow profiles. The “AL Designo” product range, which achieves the very highest aesthetic standards in the manufacturer’s opinion, has therefore been extended with the addition of a trend-led yet technically sophisticated version. The product manager responsible for the new hardware, Matthias Kosog, underlines that it is not only a reliable, pioneering solution from the designer’s point of view. The hardware also offers window manufacturers tangible advantages, especially when it comes to installation.

Faster and simpler with mounting wedges

The manufacturer reports that the mounting concept for the sash stay and pivot rest of the “AL Designo STS” makes installation faster and simpler. The hinge side is no longer clamped using slot nuts. Instead, the installer simply drives in mounting wedges. These fix the sash stay and pivot rest in place. 

Impressive quality which can be heard

Kosog continues to explain that even inexperienced users will be able to recognise the redesigned scissor stay guide of the “AL Designo STS” as a quality feature. A modified spring clip takes play of out of the system. A newly developed damping element prevents metallic contact between components. This reduces noticeable noises which could be produced when operating standard Tilt&Turn hardware.

Best protection against corrosion

Kosog emphasises the outstanding corrosion resistance: the punched components made from stainless steel make the “AL Designo STS” the right choice, even when hardware and windows are exposed to extreme weather conditions and exceptional loads. A building element equipped with this Tilt&Turn hardware continues to function reliably in the long term, even in buildings less than 100 metres away from the sea. This has been proven in laboratory tests. The same applies to areas with high levels of emissions from exhaust air systems in heavy industry or the chemical industry.

Up to a sash weight of 80 kg

According to the manufacturer’s classification, the new “AL Designo STS” has been designed and tested for aluminium elements up to 1300 mm wide and 2700 mm tall with a sash weight up to 80 kg, which are made from a profile system with the V.01 frame groove. The maximum opening angle of an element is 100°. The new hinge side is compatible with all locking versions from the “Roto AL” modular hardware system.

The sash has a tilt depth of 130 or 150 mm as standard, depending on the sash stay selected. A tilt depth restrictor that is compatible with the sash stay can be used to limit the tilt depth to 100 mm. It can also be combined with various opening restrictors from Roto.

Get more information about the operation steps of "Roto AL Designo STS" in the installation video on the Roto media portal