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Certified for requirements class 5/7: “ELA” opening restrictor for Turn-Only windows

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Manufacturers of aluminium windows who work with “Roto AL” or “Roto AL Designo” hardware product ranges can rely on various Roto opening restrictors which have been tested by ift Rosenheim. According to a recently passed test, the “ELA” special opening restrictor, which locks in the end position and is controlled by the handle, even meets the requirements of class 5/7 in accordance with DIN EN 13126-5. It can therefore be used up to a maximum opening width of 89 mm as a “retainer for the safety of children”. Generally speaking, however, an opening width that meets the customer’s individual specifications can be chosen. The “ELA” opening restrictor is available in screw-in and clampable versions.

Highest performance class

Two Turn-Only windows in the RAL format 1200 x 2300 mm were tested by ift. One of the two elements was only equipped with one “ELA” opening restrictor horizontally at the bottom. The second element has two opening restrictors – one at the top and one at the bottom. Both windows met the requirements of class 5/7 and achieved durability class 5 (25,000 actuation cycles, 3750 locking and release cycles). The corrosion resistance of all hardware components achieves the highest class under the standard – class 5. The hardware combination is tested for Turn-Only windows weighing up to 200 kg.

Controlled by the handle and intuitive to operate

The “ELA” opening restrictor is controlled by the window handle. By using the proven “Roto TiltFirst” technology, a user is only able to open the sash as far as the defined end stop position. The sash is locked by moving the handle from the 90° position back into the 0° locked position. In the locked position, the sash is protected against slamming shut in windy and draughty conditions. The locking is released by turning the handle back to the 90° position. Full unlocking is only possible after the locked handle has been released: Owners of the key can turn the handle to the 180° position and therefore release the opening restrictor to open the element fully for cleaning purposes.

Technical consultation from the Roto Object Business

The specialists at the Roto Object Business advise aluminium window manufacturers and specialist planners to use the “ELA” opening restrictor. On the basis of the window width and depth, the Roto Object Business assesses a custom hardware configuration for its technical feasibility, adapts it to the specific property and visualises it in model form. If an order is placed, the fabricator receives an installation drawing that is specifically tailored to this application. It is recommended that you involve the Roto Object Business in the planning process at the earliest possible stage.