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Strong partnership in Turkey

“I’ve been at Kleidco for seven years now,” he reports. The collaboration between Roto and Kleidco began at around the same time he joined the company. “Of course I’ve been familiar with Roto as a brand for much longer than this, definitely for at least 20 years, but then I got the opportunity to find out more about the people and products behind the brand.” He worked in close collaboration with Yalkın Yazıcı, Aluminium Specialist at Roto Frank Middle East, for around two years on the development of a new sliding system with Patio Inowa. At a very early stage, he realised that:

„Patio Inowa is excellent hardware.”

Large sliding systems are popular around the world and Kleidco Smart Slide wins over the vast majority of customers straight away with its tight sealing and intuitive operation. “Architects and investors who get to know this system in more detail, refer to it as a ‘high performer’, and I think they’re spot on with this.”

A tight seal against wind and rain, but also sound insulation and operating convenience, play an important role, especially in premium residential construction. This has become apparent over the last few years, which gave Kleidco the impetus to develop a new sliding system with top performance for these exact requirements. The contribution on the part of the Roto designers then finally turned the Smart Slide system from Kleidco into a success.

Impressive right from the outset

As is customary during product development at Kleidco, the system underwent multiple complex in-house tests. “Outstanding results right from the start,” recalls Şentürk, adding:

“We have full confidence in this system and our customers can sense that.”

In many countries, Kleidco has traditionally maintained incredibly close relationships with creatives and key decision-makers in the construction industry. Since being founded in 1980, the company has earned a good reputation as a producer of tailor-made facade and building element solutions. This is why Şentürk and his colleagues from planning and design were involved in the development process at a very early stage, he explains. Many customers are major investors who constantly come to Kleidco with new projects.

Smart Slide a thousand times over

Şentürk gives a current example: “For in- stance, we were recently commissioned to produce 4000 Smart Slide sliding systems and 7000 Tilt&Turn windows with AL 540 and AL 300 for a development of 1600 luxurious villas.” Since the market launch, there have been numerous major residential construction projects, for which Kleidco produced and installed several thousand Smart Slide sliding systems.

The Düşler Vadisi Riva project aims to make a new lifestyle possible in view of the pandemic. The villas are surrounded by green space and are designed to offer an abundance of outdoor space and a beautiful view into the greenery from many rooms in the home. At the same time, various measures have been taken to improve the buildings’ earthquake safety. Like for virtually all projects, Kleidco also tailored the series-produced products according to the clients’ requirements for Düşler Vadisi Riva.

“Customised solutions – that’s what Kleidco is all about.”

And it should stay that way in future.

Sustainable growth

Although the aim is to achieve growth in many international markets, according to Şentürk, this is always on the basis of sustainable business development. Murat Saraylı, founder and owner of the company Kleidco and of the system supplier Saray Aluminium, is an investor with vision, who has built up an economically healthy company. In times of a high number of coronavirus cases around the world in 2020 and 2021, the focus was on projects in the heart of Istanbul. “This is where the Istanbul International Finance Center (IUFM) was built, and Kleidco is pleased to have received numerous commissions from the investors active there.”

The relationships between Kleidco and business partners such as suppliers should also be built up in the long term. This is part of the company’s identity, continues Şentürk. The relationship with Roto is a good example of high-quality collaboration, just like you would want. “The team here in Turkey, as well as the experts at the German headquarters, have proven themselves to be trustworthy and competent over the years. By starting to develop a new product with Roto, we have had the feeling right from the start that we are relying on a strong team in the background.”

This article was published in Roto Inside 49