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Mould-free: Patented gasket to revolutionise the fenestration industry

Moisture in the window rebate is a well-known problem among window manufacturers. If the condensation is not removed, it becomes an ideal breeding ground for potentially harmful mould fungi. One possible cause for excess moisture in a room is inadequate ventilation, but the now commonplace practice of highly insulating construction methods also encourages condensation. In well-insulated houses that do not have automatic ventilation systems, this moisture collects at the coldest points of the building envelope – including in the rebates of windows. That’s why, back in 2009, ift Rosenheim set out a key fundamental rule for constructing a window with optimal structural physics: The central gasket must be more diffusion-open than the overlap gasket on the room side. Deventer has followed this approach and has now launched a diffusion-open sealing profile, which effectively prevents mould in the window rebate.

Intensive research for innovative TPE sealing profile

What properties does a sealing profile need in order to protect the window from rain, wind, noise and heat loss, while also allowing moisture to diffuse via the central gasket? To develop a sealing profile that is tightly sealed yet still permeable, Deventer initiated a research project in 2014, which was funded by the ZIM initiative (Central Innovation Programme for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses) due to its extreme relevance for the industry. The aim: to develop a central gasket that enables rebate ventilation whenever the natural requirements for diffusion are met – in other words when the outside air is drier than the air in the window design. To this end, Deventer simulated the moisture build-up in window rebates over the seasons for a direct comparison. The TPE sealing profile developed as part of the research project demonstrated highly effective functions, which are as yet unparalleled on the market.

Diffusion-open gasket prevents mould

The innovative, specially engineered gasket facilitates the implementation of the principle of “more tightly sealed on the inside than the outside.” The moisture in the hardware rebate was kept below 80 percent at all times. This technology reduces the volume of moisture in the area by up to 12 percent. Used as a central gasket, the diffusion-open sealing profile ensures that no condensation develops, thereby eliminating the very foundation of mould growth. The innovation is patented and Deventer is ready to commence series production. Roto advises manufacturers on how to integrate the diffusion-capable central gasket, which could in future make “black spots” a thing of the past – according to the assessments of industry professionals and experts.

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