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Tested variety: turn restrictors from Roto

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – An increasing number of specifications call for manufacturers of aluminium windows to supply windows or ventilation flaps with a tested turn restrictor. Fabricators who work with the proven “Roto AL” and “Roto AL Designo” hardware product ranges benefit from a constantly growing selection of robust turn restrictors which are also suitable for windows in public buildings and in rooms where the users are constantly changing, such as hotels and hospitals. Even the restrictors from the standard range can be used in a wide variety of applications. An informative presentation of the turn restrictor portfolio is now available in the media portal of Roto Fenster- und Türtechnologie.

Standard and special solutions

If a customer has a specific requirement for turn restriction which cannot be covered with products from the standard range, the experts from the Roto Object Business look into the possibility of alternative solutions. When doing so, they can use various special turn restrictors which have already successfully undergone a component test in accordance with DIN EN 13126-5, application 5 / 6, at ift Rosenheim. These turn restrictors and their range of applications are also showcased in the digital presentation.

Project-specific service

On request, the Roto Object Business assists aluminium window manufacturers with design and prototyping, through to on-time delivery and installation of building elements. The team of experts develops an optimised turn restriction solution for any profile system, depending on the sash width and depth, the required turn width and the general conditions on site. The aim of the product development process is to achieve optimum operating convenience, an appealing design and the highest standards of security.

Reliable protection

Turn restrictors protect the hinge side against damage caused by hitting the reveal or uncontrolled sash movements due to draughts or operating errors. This extends the service life of windows. Using turn restrictors significantly reduces the maintenance and repair work required. At the same time, turn restrictors from Roto meet the highest standards of corrosion protection. Versions are available with and without brake, damper and stop function, with lockable stop function, with stop which can be moved beyond, or an end stop with rubber buffer, while a very short variant can be supplied for ventilation flaps.

Since Roto turn restrictors can always be used on the left or right, they require less storage space and reduce the workload for factory logistics in window production. The detailed documentation provided by the manufacturer helps to install the restrictors efficiently and safely. These are usually clamped into the profile instead of being screwed in.