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Fensterbau Frontale 2024: Roto hardware product ranges for various sliding systems

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – In many countries, the growing demand for housing is coming up against limited available space. Sliding windows and doors can represent a solution to this, as they ensure that scarce space resources are used efficiently, while also providing a great deal of transparency. The product range of Roto Window and Door Technology includes hardware for all sliding opening types: whether it’s a Lift&Slide, Tilt&Slide, Fold&Slide or Parallel Sliding system – the manufacturer boasts a range of products of certified quality for all frame materials. The reliability of the hardware technology has led Roto to continuously generate growth in the Sliding market segment too. Visitors to the Fensterbau Frontale trade show got the opportunity to see for themselves the globally successful sliding hardware in different types of buildings in the “Roto City”.

“Roto Patio Inowa” Smart and tightly sealed

In just a few years, the smart “Roto Patio Inowa” Parallel Sliding hardware, for instance, has become one of the world’s most successful systems from the manufacturer. This sliding hardware with its innovative technology is the first one of its kind. Through the active control of circumferential locking points, sliding systems with “Inowa” achieve a level of sealing that is usually only possible with Tilt&Turn windows. The system reliably protects against draughts, rain and external noise, even in extreme weather conditions and in multi-storey buildings with high wind loads. When the sash is closed, the entire hardware is concealed between the sash profile and frame profile. The few components that are visible when the sash is open have a subtle design.

Maximum times three

Maximum operating convenience, maximum application range, maximum variety: the “Roto Patio Inowa | Max” version which was showcased at Fensterbau Frontale is suitable for all sliding elements, from small to large, and ensures maximum operating convenience even with a sash height of up to 3600 mm or a sash width of up to 3000  mm. The basis for this is a ball bearing and height adjustable roller unit with integrated brushes and a comfort cam, which also has ball bearings. Both minimise rolling friction when the sash moves.

“Inowa | Max” supports weights up to 400 kg and boasts height adjustment from -1 to +3 mm. All hardware versions for PVC, timber and timber / aluminium systems feature a comfort cam in the centre lock. The equivalent for aluminium profiles is a two-part comfort control cam, which also has ball bearings.

Additional comfort and security

The “Soft” functions offer extra comfort. They gently brake the sash before the final position is reached when opening and closing. Many attendees took the opportunity to operate and experience the different formats, frame materials and weight classes of “Inowa” at Fensterbau Frontale. “Inowa” and “Inowa | Max” even make it possible to produce elements from any frame material in accordance with resistance class RC 2. Successful RC tests for many systems made from PVC, timber and aluminium are proof of this.

“Roto Patio Alversa” Minimal. Universal.

A large number of identical parts make the “Roto Patio Alversa” sliding system popular especially with manufacturers who produce their Tilt&Turn elements with “Roto NX” or “Roto AL”, as the universal central locking system comes from these Tilt&Turn systems. The roller units, sliding scissor stays and track sets can be used for multiple versions. This means greater standardisation and fewer parts, which significantly reduces a window manufacturer’s storage and logistics costs.

One hardware system – four different versions

One Tilt&Slide and three Parallel Sliding solutions made from all frame materials, including various ventilation functions, can be economically manufactured using “Roto Patio Alversa” on the same production line as Tilt&Turn windows. A feature that all versions have in common is that Parallel Sliding and tilt ventilation are combined together.

In the “Alversa | KS” Tilt&Slide version, air exchange is ensured in the tilt ventilation position. With “Alversa | PS”, either night ventilation (RC 2-compatible) or tilt ventilation is possible. “Alversa | PS Air” and “Alversa | PS Air Com” offer tilt ventilation. The “Alversa | PS Air Com” Parallel Sliding version provides an exceptional level of operating convenience: turning the handle tilts the sash automatically – without manually pushing against the sash.

Burglary protection with proven technology

All four versions of “Alversa” provide resistance in accordance with RC 2, especially through the use of four components that fabricators are also familiar with from the Tilt&Turn hardware portfolio from Roto: security mushroom locking cams installed around the frame, robust security strikers with multiple screw connections, lockable handle and concealed drilling protection installed in the groove. The V security locking cams are adjustable in terms of height and gasket compression. “Alversa” systems can also be integrated in burglar alarm systems if sensors from the Roto Com-Tec range are installed.

“Roto Patio Lift” for Standard and Slim profiles

With “Roto Patio Lift”, hardware is available for manufacturers of Lift&Slide systems which impresses with its exceptional smooth running and ease of use, even in high weight classes up to 400 kg. The main components in the roller units are made from stainless steel, while the ball bearing rollers are made of especially high-quality PVC. This ensures maximum durability. Versions of “Lift” are available for aluminium and PVC building elements, as well as for many common Standard and Slim profiles with groove widths of 16, 18 and 22 mm.

A locking pin for night ventilation makes it possible to ventilate the room without draughts. Dampers integrated in the espagnolette, even in the standard version, prevent sudden rebound of the handle and provide greater safety when operating heavy sashes weighing more than 300 kg. At the same time, they simplify assembly in production.

Corrosion protection class 5 and higher

The “Roto Patio Lift” Lift&Slide hardware has been tested according to durability class H3 in accordance with EN 13126. Even the standard version boasts class 5 corrosion protection in accordance with DIN EN 1670. “Stainless steel Plus” roller units are available for areas with more stringent corrosion protection requirements. They ensure that the system works correctly in the long term, even in coastal areas.

Subtle, elegant and secure

The optionally available “DesignLocking” espagnolette from the “Lift” hardware product range ensures a high-quality appearance and greater comfort. The locking cam on the espagnolette side does not protrude into the access area. The “DesignLocking” strikers are integrated in the frame for a flush, attractive appearance.

Using drilling protection, an anti-jemmy device and lockable handle makes this hardware compatible with RC 2. The door espagnolettes are prepared for mounting profile cylinders as standard.

Optimally coordinated hardware and seal

Window manufacturers around the world are not only able to purchase hardware technology from Roto, but high-quality sealing profiles for their sliding systems too. The manufacturer refers to a “perfect match” for both components: the hardware technology and seals can be optimally coordinated with each other for the specific application and can also be tailored to the individual profile system. The company guarantees ultimate delivery reliability around the world for all hardware components and sealing profiles.

All of the sliding exhibits showcased at the Fensterbau Frontale trade show are integrated in the virtual “Roto City”. The assigned regional specialist advisor from Roto Sales provides prospective customers with information on how to work with the different sliding hardware systems.

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