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Fensterbau Frontale 2024: Complete range of “Door” products from Roto for every main entrance door

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – For door manufacturers worldwide, the “Door” portfolio from Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH offers a full range of products for PVC, timber and aluminium external doors. Main door hinges, multipoint locks, thresholds and Deventer door seals can be precisely coordinated as system components, therefore providing optimum operating convenience and burglary protection, as well as sound and thermal insulation.

Thanks to the work of the “Door Innovation” expert team, the door technology specialist has further extended its product range over the past few months and continuously developed its comprehensive expertise in providing entrance door solutions. This has resulted in new door hinges in the “Roto Solid” range and new locks in the “Roto Safe” line. They were presented to an expert audience for the first time in different types of buildings in the “Roto City” at the “Fensterbau Frontale” trade show. Since then, all exhibits can also be seen in the virtual “Roto City”.

Wide variety of “Roto Solid” door hinges

With screw-on hinges, butt hinges and concealed hinges, Roto offers the ideal products for different technical requirements and designs. Large adjustment distances simplify individual adjustments during installation, as are required in practice. The variety of colours and metallic surfaces available for the door hinges enhance the individual character of every entrance door.

Butt hinges for all frame materials

“Solid B” butt hinges are suitable for doors with panels overlapping the leaf as well as inset panels, and are available for all frame materials. The hinge range for PVC and timber doors includes two- and three-part butt hinges with a diameter of 18 mm and 22 mm, with the larger version being RC 2-compatible. All butt hinges can be installed either in the rebate or in the overlap and are suitable for aluminium doors with a 16 mm hardware groove. The portfolio for aluminium doors has been extended with the addition of the “Solid B | 224 A” (two-part) and “Solid B | 324 A” (three-part) butt hinges. Sash weights of up to 160 kg are possible depending on the version.

Slim hinge design

All versions share technical and aesthetic features with added value. The two- and three-part hinges are both extremely slim and have an understated design. The surfaces are premium, durable and attractive. Since the adjustment mechanisms are integrated in the hinge roller, no gaps are formed between the sash hinge and frame hinge and no axis offset occurs either. The premium appearance of the “Solid B” hinges is retained.

Premium-quality concealed hinge

Many renowned manufacturers of aluminium doors use the RC 2-compatible “Roto Solid C” concealed hinge. This makes it possible to produce inward and outward opening doors with a sash weight of up to 140 kg. The opening angle of up to 110° provides a great deal of freedom of movement in entrance areas. The permanently reliable functioning of the “Solid C” is tested twice over: the door hinge is tested over 400,000 opening cycles based on DIN EN 1191 and meets the requirements of class 5 in accordance with DIN EN 1670, representing the highest level of corrosion protection.

Optimised height adjustment module

The “FixClick” function of “Solid C” minimises the work required when mounting the leaf. Fitters particularly appreciate the ability to rapidly adjust the height via a single adjustment point. The latest version of the height adjustment module impresses with its shape and further improved visual integration into the overall appearance of the aluminium door, as well as simplified processing and installation.

Modular “Roto Safe” locking systems

The product range, which is tailored to all frame materials, includes key- and lever handle-operated solutions as well as mechanical-automatic locking systems with a ten-year performance warranty and electromechanical door locks.

Automatic locking without a key provides greater comfort and accessibility. The mechanical-automatic “Roto Safe A | Tandeo” and the electromechanical “Roto Safe E | Eneo A” both offer this function. Both feature three automatically extending security locking points in the standard version. The deadbolt in the main lock and the automatic power wedges extend into the frame components simultaneously and are push-back safeguarded straight away. This is why full insurance cover applies even if a door is “just slammed shut”.

Automatic opening

With the powerful motor in the preassembled drive unit, the “Roto Safe E | Eneo A” electromechanical multipoint lock also unlocks the door automatically. The motor ensures a very short unlocking time, while being very quiet and fast. Its Plug&Play connection makes installation easy. 

Dual function made easy

Manufacturers who keep the “Tandeo” mechanical-automatic lock in stock can now offer their customers the option to flexibly upgrade it to an electromechanical door lock. The “Tandeo Upgrade-Kit” is a separate drive unit for

unlocking main doors electromechanically. Thanks to its Plug&Play connection, it is incredibly easy to connect the drive unit to the “Roto Safe A | Tandeo” mechanical-automatic multipoint lock. After installation, the automatic adjustment of the drive unit is activated using a micro button. The unit performs a calibration test run in order to check which settings it should apply in order to be compatible with the existing mechanics.

Electronic option

The Roto “4in1” access control system is the perfect addition to the “Eneo A” electromechanical multipoint lock. It combines four opening options in a single device and opens the door via Bluetooth using a mobile phone, finger scan, RFID or by entering a numerical code.

Maximum efficiency

To provide door manufacturers with the best possible support for streamlined logistics and storage, Roto relies on its modular structure in the “Roto Safe” door lock segment too. The proof of this? The standard frame components can now also be used on the new “Tandeo” and “Eneo A” multipoint locks. This means that the frame component can be combined with a total of five different additional locks.

Innovation for double-leafed main doors

The range of frame components has been extended with the addition of the RC 2-compatible “lever-operated espagnolette Standard” for timber and PVC doors. It can be used up to a sash rebate height of 3000 mm and can be combined with all Roto multipoint locks. Given the broad application range, the manufacturer refers to a modular system for minimal storage requirements here too.

The second opening leaf is locked and unlocked using a side lever without the strain of bending down. A mishandling device provides greater security. This only locks the first opening leaf once the side lever on the lever-operated espagnolette is retracted and the main deadbolt blocks the connecting rod of the second opening leaf.