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Sustainability at Roto

Roto takes a targeted, conscious and customer-oriented focus on the future and establishes sustainability as an important strategic goal. For this reason, a group-wide sustainability strategy was developed and integrated into the existing corporate strategy.

In this way, our long-term corporate vision includes the aspect of fully considering sustainable values as the basis of our entrepreneurial actions.

Sustainability strategy

Based on the defined vision and strategy, long-term fields of action and sustainability topics have been defined, which Roto will specifically implement and consider in all activities and decisions in the future. Roto will therefore continue to work on measures to constantly conduct sustainable corporate actions.

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Sustainability at Roto

Sustainability Mission Roto Group

Along our entire value chain, we stand for social and ecological sustainability. In doing so, we constantly interact with our customers and partners and thus develop sustainable product and service solutions in our markets.

We can only achieve all this together with all the people at Roto. For this purpose, we create the conditions for a sustainable transformation of the entire corporate group through an appreciative and attractive working environment.

Fields of action

The Roto Group's efforts to incorporate the issue of sustainability into its day-to-day operations are based not only on the fact of a constantly changing legal environment, but also on the conviction of its long-term ecological, social and economic significance.

We create sustainable and provable benefits - safe products for the processor, the customer and the environment. In their field of application, we create provably long-lasting products. Product quality is ensured throughout the value creation process and product life cycle.

Environmental declarations for products

The basis of our success is a safe, appreciative and attractive working environment in which we promote individual strengths and continuously develop our diverse workforce. In doing so, we are committed to equal opportunities.

We design our production, operations and logistics processes to be energy-efficient and ensure that our raw materials are manufactured in a climate- and environment-friendly way. 
Along our value chain, we are committed to the careful use and recycling of resources, and in this way promote the path toward a circular economy.

Statement on the REACh Regulation

Our value framework forms the basis for responsible business practices. In this way, we create a climate of mutual trust by ensuring transparency and cooperation. We are committed to maintaining our integrity, complying with all applicable laws and ethical standards, and therefore seek continuous dialogue with our employees and suppliers to drive sustainability in the sector and meet our customers' needs.

Roto Code of Conduct

Roto Code of Conduct

Roto is committed to responsible and sustainable corporate governance. In particular, the principles of ecological, social and ethical behaviour listed in this Code of Conduct form the basis of our corporate governance.

We are guided by international conventions such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Guidelines on Children's Rights and Business Conduct, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the International Labour Standards of the International Labour Organization and the United Nations Global Compact, as well as national laws and regulations.

Our principles form the basis of our cooperation with our business partners, especially suppliers and service providers. We take into account the different conditions under which our business partners have to operate. In particular, we recognize the challenges faced by smaller partners. We support our business partners, as necessary, in their ongoing effort to improve their adherence to all our principles of corporate governance.