• La nuova generazione di serrature Roto Safe C | C600

  • Roto Patio Alversa – La ferramenta universale per sistemi scorrevoli paralleli / ad anta ribalta s ...

  • Roto Eifel - La gamma di soglie su misura per porte e portefinestre ad alta tenuta e senza barriere ...

  • Roto AL Designo - Il sistema di ferramenta a scomparsa per finestre e portefinestre in alluminio est ...

  • Roto Patio Inowa - La ferramenta intelligente per sistemi scorrevoli ad alta tenuta

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Trade Press Day 2019: Roto takes action and trusts in its own strengths

Roto Group considers the economy to be in the stranglehold of politics / Worst fears are confirmed / Political crisis points affect markets and business / Punitive actions have a global impact / “Everyone suffers in the end” / Likelihood of a global economic downturn in 2020 / Conflict...[leggi]

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Trade Press Day 2019: Hardware specialist at home in any market

Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie: stable in 2019 despite major market fluctuations / Differing developments in the regions / Turnover at the level of the previous year: a success “all in all” / Product strategy takes account of global trends / Priority for tangible customer benefits /...[leggi]

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Trade Press Day 2019: Newest Roto division experiencing strong growth

Roto Professional Service: positive year for becoming established / Diverse follow-up care business / On the road to success despite weak security market / Turnover increase of around 20% expected for 2019 / Momentum for 2020 / Confirmed concept and good feedback / Six partner companies at...[leggi]

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Trade Press Day 2019: “Full focus on customer benefits”

Roto Frank Dachsystem-Technologie: momentum generated by the company itself / Moderate turnover increase in 2019 in difficult markets / Renaissance for renovations? / Growth in Germany too / Positive results throughout Europe / Systematic professional strategy / “New performance class” for even...[leggi]

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