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High spirits at Roto – Fensterbau Frontale in retrospect

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH put on an innovative and informative show at “Fensterbau Frontale” in Hall 1 at the Nuremberg exhibition centre. The vast influx of visitors to the around 1200 m2 “Roto City”, as is to be expected at this event, left a lasting impression on the Roto trade show manager over the four days of the exhibition. “Our guests were welcomed by sales teams from all Roto markets around the world and were given information about the exhibits in their own language.”

Successful trade show concept

Efficient hardware technology for windows and doors in different room situations and building types was showcased – a particularly successful presentation “with professional dialogue and meetings that left a lasting impression,” the company is pleased to report. Welcoming communication islands in and between the buildings of the “Roto City” enhanced the atmospheric character of contemporary feel-good architecture. They were designed to encourage visitors to discuss in greater detail the customer benefits of the hardware functions showcased by the exhibits. The feedback received from visitors with regard to the quality of the presentation and the advice given couldn’t have been more positive.

New hinge sides

“Roto NX” has a reputation as the global market-dominating hardware technology for Tilt&Turn windows. Visitors to “Fensterbau Frontale” got the chance to learn more about the continuously expanding product range with its various hinge sides for all frame materials. The further developed, fully concealed “Roto NX | C” hinge side for PVC and timber windows will soon be available for delivery worldwide.

The “Roto NX | A16” hinge side for aluminium profiles, showcased at “Frontale”, was launched back in the autumn of 2023. Fabricators who produce PVC and aluminium windows enjoy unique benefits because most hardware components are used identically in both frame materials. The high number of identical parts reduces logistics expenditure. Ultimate flexibility paired with efficient logistics – this added value offered by many Roto hardware solutions was highlighted again and again in the “Roto City”.

Smart and tightly sealed in all formats

The years of sustained success enjoyed by the “Patio Inowa” sliding system have their basis in its outstanding ease of use and exceptional sealing properties. The “Roto Patio Inowa | Max” version, which can be used to produce elements in all sizes up to XXL formats, was showcased at the trade show in Nuremberg.

Flexible production of contemporary main doors

Roto presented the new “lever-operated espagnolette Standard” and the “Roto Safe A | Tandeo” mechanical-automatic multipoint lock in a double-leaf door. Thanks to its automatically extending security locking points, this door lock is considered locked from an insurance point of view even if the door is “just slammed shut”. An “Upgrade-Kit” is now available for the mechanical-automatic multipoint lock. This separate drive unit can be installed during door production if customers would like to enjoy the additional comfort of automatic door opening. When presented at the trade show, both new additions had an appeal that extended beyond fabricators with long-standing experience of working with the Roto “Door” product range.

Experience a “perfect match”

Ensuring a perfect interaction, a “perfect match” between the hardware and seal, improves the sealing and operating convenience of building elements, no matter the frame material. Attendees noticed the new #perfectmatch logo on many exhibits in the “Roto City”. This indicated that the exhibit contained a combination of Roto hardware and a Deventer seal. In the “Deventer Lounge”, attendees had the opportunity to find out how optimum coordination of hardware and seal impacts the performance of windows and doors.

Complete expertise for building elements made from any frame material and with any opening type – in Nuremberg, Roto Window and Door Technology proved that the company has achieved the objective it set itself for product development. Anyone who is interested in the product range and the exhibits showcased at “Fensterbau Frontale” can find out more in the virtual conference centre of the digital “Roto City”, accompanied by a Roto Sales employee.

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