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Doors: complete convenience, complete control

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Following on from the retrofittable deadbolt switch contact and flexible cable junctions, the “Roto Safe E” product range is now introducing another innovation. According to the manufacturer, a convenient yet extremely user-friendly access control system is now available for the electromechanical multipoint locking systems for main doors and back doors. As the name suggests, the “ZKS Eneo 4in1” combines four opening functions in one device: via Bluetooth on a mobile phone, finger scan, RFID or by entering a numerical code.

They also state that, with the intuitive Roto app, an unlimited number of different users can be easily created and then securely deleted at a later point. It is ready for operation in 27 languages for iOS 9.0 and above, and for Android 4.4 and above. For convenient user management, there is also the option to assign individual access rights, either permanently or temporarily. An access log displays the relevant processes and status messages. Furthermore, (administrator) rights can be easily transferred from one smartphone to another.

The external degree of protection IP66 for the installed (bonded) device prevents dirt and moisture from penetrating. In accordance with the general Roto product concept, even with this innovation, coordinated components, such as preassembled connectors, ensure the reliable connection via Plug & Play as well as the fast commissioning, according to the window and door technology specialist.