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“Roto Solid”: Herhangi bir dış kapı için ideal menteşe

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Belirli bir ana giriş veya arka kapı seçimi söz konusu olduğunda menteşeler nadiren ana faktör olsa da, profesyoneller tasarımlarının bir kapının görünümü ve dolayısıyla satın alma kararı üzerinde belirleyici bir etkisi olduğunu bilirler. Bu nedenle Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH (Roto FTT) daha fazlasını sunar: daha fazla teknik versiyon, daha fazla renk, daha fazla yüzey.

Just a few weeks ago, the hardware manufacturer launched new butt hinges for PVC doors. They set standards in design and function. What’s more, the “Solid” range from Roto FTT also includes screw-on hinges for doors made from all frame materials as well as butt hinges and concealed hinges for aluminium doors.

Product Manager Theresa Oßwald emphasises that, optimised for their applications and manufactured from high-quality materials, Roto door hinges are set apart by their exceptional performance characteristics. The 200,000 opening cycles achieved in accordance with DIN EN 1935 and a ten-year performance warranty confirm their reliable durability. Thanks to the variety of available hinge types and surfaces, the “Solid” range offers manufacturers the ideal hinge for any door design.

Screw-on hinges

The “Solid S” range includes screw-on hinges for all frame materials and any requirement. Large adjustment distances enable custom adaptations on the hinge side that contribute towards the functionality and durability of the door as a whole.

Users are able to cater to many different overlap heights with hinges from the “Solid S” range. For example, the “PS 27” proven screw-on hinge for timber and PVC doors covers overlap heights from 14 to 26.5 mm. “80 ATB” and “120 ATB” are suitable for flush and recessed aluminium doors. The “117 H” was designed specifically for the block profiles with negative overlap that are common in the Netherlands.

Butt hinges

Butt hinges are becoming increasing popular, with demand for them having reached a high level internationally. The latest hinges to be added to the “Solid B” range – “218 P”, “318 P”, “222 P” and “322 P” – were developed for PVC external doors. Door manufacturers can choose from two- and three-part butt hinges with a diameter of 18 or 22 mm.

The “Solid B” range includes the “224 A” (two-part) and “324 A” (three-part) clamp hinges for aluminium doors. Their clamping blocks are adapted to the system-specific groove on the aluminium profile. This is how we closely collaborate with system suppliers to produce hinges optimised for their profiles.

On all butt hinges, the adjustment mechanisms are fully integrated in the hinge roller. This means that no gap is formed between the leaf hinge and frame hinge when adjusting the door. Offset outlines are prevented. Continuous height, lateral and gasket compression adjustment makes adaptations particularly convenient. RC 2 or RC 3 solutions are possible depending on the version and design.

Concealed door hinge

Large aluminium main doors are on-trend. Many end customers have been won over by their modern design, elegant appearance and durability. With the “Solid C” concealed hinge, Roto FTT offers a premium solution that can be used not only for inward opening doors but also for outward opening ones if required. The black version of the concealed hinge is a particularly popular choice for dark aluminium profiles. With this combination, not only is “Solid C” concealed when the door is closed, it is hardly noticeable even when the door is open.

Wide variety of colours – ultimate protection against corrosion

Not many people choose to look at hinges first when assessing the design of a door. But their influence on the appearance and impact of a door should not be underestimated. Oßwald underlines that, by offering “Solid” hinges in a variety of colours and surfaces, Roto is purposefully offering greater design freedom.

“Property owners would like to play a role in custom-designing their main entrance door in particular, down to the very smallest detail. Roto customers can meet this requirement with a wide variety of standard colours. And that’s not all – they can also order door hinges in many other RAL colours on request or uncoated for a custom surface treatment.” Some models could also be anodised or electroplated.

Most door hinges from Roto are powder-coated using a state-of-the-art automatic painting system at the Kalsdorf site. The corrosion protection on all door hinges conforms to DIN EN 1670 class 5, therefore meeting the most stringent requirements.