RC 2-compatible sliding

Caption: Efficient mechanical burglary protection at RC 2 level is ensured even for sliding windows and doors, states Roto. To achieve this, the producer equips three hardware product ranges with suitable security components. This also includes special security strikers for the mullion in the “Patio Inowa” parallel retraction sliding system.  

RC 2-compatible sliding

Leinfelden-Echterdingen - (rp) A familiar and proven aspect of the Tilt&Turn range makes it possible to produce RC 2-compatible sliding systems, even in the case of high sash weights. As Roto states, this is thanks to a quartet of efficient mechanical components. These four components are also used in three different hardware product ranges from the “Sliding” portfolio, therefore ensuring effective burglary protection. In general, the fact that the Tilt&Turn hardware technology is also suitable for producing sliding systems “once again” confirms the compatibility and reliability of the product ranges that the construction supplier has designed to ensure efficiency for window producers.

The package firstly consists of security mushroom locking cams with a height and gasket compression that can be continuously regulated. As the producer goes on to explain, combined with sturdy security strikers which feature multiple screw connections and have in some cases been specially designed, they securely lock into each other when closed in their positions installed around the frame, therefore preventing rapid jemmying. A lockable handle also prevents the hardware from being moved from the outside and therefore unlocked. The drilling protection, which is invisible from the outside and is installed in the groove, prevents the espagnolette from being drilled out.

By combining these components as required, Roto offers “impressive RC 2 security solutions” in the sliding hardware range. This applies specifically to the systems “Patio Inowa” for tightly sealed parallel retraction sliding doors, “Patio Alversa” in four versions for Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide doors, and “Patio Life” for large and heavy Lift&Slide doors weighing up to 400 kg and made of timber and timber-aluminium. Secure night ventilation is even possible for both the latter system and “Alversa”.

Electronic added value

Equipping the sliding hardware ranges with “E-Tec Control” components makes it possible to further increase their security level. This is achieved by integrating the sensors of the magnetic locking and opening monitoring system (MVS) into the striker. The producer reports that they also remain invisible, therefore maintaining the harmonious design of the entire sliding system.

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