Trade Press Day 2018: Completely rethinking service

Roto: new business area with own company / “All-round problem-solver” including for follow-up care / Acting with and for B2B customers / “Major opportunities” offered by industry not yet utilised / Three success factors / Roto Professional Service: four partner companies at present / Wide range of services / Clear appearance and active communication

Kalsdorf/Graz/Leinfelden-Echterdingen – (rp) What matters is great market potential and exploiting this through professional win-win concepts. This is how Roto describes the basis of another strategic business area. By setting up this new business area, the construction supplier aims to become an “all-round problem-solver” for its professional customers in the German-speaking region, including when it comes to follow-up care for installed windows and doors. In order to combine the long-term activities in this sector, a separate company – Roto Frank Professional Service GmbH – will be set up as part of group restructuring at the beginning of 2019. During the 13th International Trade Press Day, Dr Christian Faden, future Managing Director of the company, elaborated on the details of the concept and its practical implementation. His core motto is “Completely rethinking service”.

The current Head of Corporate Development at Roto Frank AG firstly used a host of examples to demonstrate the possibilities that the market offers in Germany alone, in his opinion. The following volumes are realistic according to various surveys and Roto’s own calculations: around 600 million windows and doors require maintenance and service; far more than 300 million windows waste energy; around 90% of windows and doors do not meet the RC standard and are therefore virtually an invitation for burglars. The favourable follow-up care environment also includes people’s growing wish for comfort and convenience, the requirement for increased sustainability and the Smart Home trend, which is becoming established at least in the medium term.

However, Faden believes that the industry is currently hardly or not at all ready to use the “major business opportunities” offered by this. The reasons behind this are manifold. They range from the poor efficiency connected with orders (due to lack of national coverage) to the serious shortage of skilled labour, all the way up to the significant technical requirements specifically associated with Smart Home issues. It is therefore no wonder that window and door manufacturers and building element dealers only rarely want to or are able to unlock the obvious potential that is available.

In “start-up mode” but not “starting from scratch”

If we look at things the other way around, Faden deduced three success factors to achieve efficiency in Roto’s commitment to follow-up care in front of specialist journalists from 16 different countries in mid-November 2018 in Graz. In concrete terms, what matters is creating a range that is standardised nationwide, finding, further training and retaining qualified service engineers and setting up a functioning economic service management system. The Roto concept which is reflected in the new company is based on these pillars. In future, it will act as a dedicated contact and project partner for window, door and roofing professionals. This will provide them with additional business opportunities on the one hand and, on the other, will mean that they are able to increasingly focus on their core skills. At the same time, they will benefit from increased satisfaction among end customers. Ultimately, this will reinforce their position in the long term. And: “Our B2B customers are given a real advantage over their competitors, which no one else in the industry is offering at present.”

Although Roto is in “start-up mode”, it is by no means ”starting from scratch”. This is confirmed by the fact that four specialist companies from Germany and Switzerland, which already have experience in the follow-up care sector, “are on board”. To go into more detail, these companies are Wollenberg GmbH from Berlin with around 40 employees, Dachfenster Keller GmbH from Thalheim, near Winterthur, with approximately 20 members of staff, Pfeil und Söhne Service GmbH from Munich with its 14-person team and Wiedemann Sicherheitsbeschläge GmbH from Hanover. The aim is to be represented in all metropolitan regions in the medium term with experienced partner companies.

Central and local brands

The range of services covers maintenance, overhaul, repair, modernisation, retrofitting and spare parts logistics. Direct access to all specialist knowledge and the complete product range of the two other companies in the group (window and door technology and roofing system technology) speed up both processes and handling.

The optical presence is also clearly regulated. While the “Roto Professional Service” logo functions as the central mark, the “Service Friends for Windows and Doors” word and design mark displays the companies involved at local level as members of the network. It goes without saying that everyone is aware of the significance of systematic, active communication for market development campaigns. Initial tools such as special marketing material, a dedicated website and social media forums are already ready for use. Faden concludes by stating that “We are successively expanding this range in order to convey to all target groups that Roto is elevating service to a whole new level.”

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