Roto Patio Alversa: Progress through installation

Minimises manufacturing costs / Universal hardware for Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide systems: Confirmed practical benefit / Fast production and easy variant changes / Efficient use of interchangeable components / Coordination of assemblies simplifies production / Intelligent height adjustment / Online services for professionals

Roto Patio Alversa: Progress through Installation

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – (rp) The demand curve for large-scale sliding elements clearly indicates an upwards trend. Their strengths in terms of aesthetics and convenience, amongst other factors, are convincing ever more investors for good reason. Yet even in this thriving market segment, manufacturers of windows and balcony doors find themselves challenged on many fronts: Constantly increasing customer demands for quality and individuality, the intensity of the competition and the ongoing price pressure, resulting in pressure on wages. This is why, according to Roto, the consistent and equally significant reduction in manufacturing costs counts as one of the “most important success factors”. Roto states that the “Patio Alversa” universal hardware range for Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide systems contributes significantly to this, impressing due to its “distinct ease of installation”, for example.

The product range, which is offered in four versions, is particularly impressive because of its characteristic use of interchangeable components, as has often been confirmed already in as yet emergent market practice. This is what the concept for the standardised central locking system from the successful Tilt&Turn “NT” (PVC, timber) or “AL” (aluminium) range was based on. This ensured fast manufacturing in the production line without requiring complex changes to the systems or installation process. Added to this is the efficient modular concept. This combines elements from the “NT” or “AL” product range such as espagnolettes and corner drives with elements specific to “Patio” such as bogies, sliding scissor stays and track sets. Components that are precisely designed to be compatible with each other are therefore not least a guarantee of simple and fast installation. Additionally, the flexible replacement of individual components during production makes it possible to switch simply between the Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide solutions, including various ventilation functions. For the first time, this includes the ability to combine a Parallel Sliding system with tilt ventilation.

On the subject of “practical installation benefits”, Roto reports on additional aspects. The use of standard Tilt&Turn profiles made of timber, PVC or aluminium contributes to this just as much as the use of four identical corner drives in espagnolettes with centred / variable handle height. The way the sliding scissor stay clips conveniently into the retaining track also serves to ensure fast and efficient installation. With its negative range of -2 to +6 mm, the simple height adjustment of the bogies dispenses with the need to move the roller track for lightweight sashes, prevents damage to sashes, as its thread cannot be overwound or unwound, and makes lifting or releasing the sash unnecessary. Finally, the considerable retracting distance allows greater profile depths to be used, such as for heavy thermally insulated windows with triple glazing.

In addition, the hardware specialist refers to the available specialist information available on the Internet for manufacturing businesses. Under www.ftt.roto-frank.com/gb/service/downloads, you can download extensive technical document and installation instructions for “Patio Alversa”. In addition, a self-made product film for professionals at videos.roto-frank.com/gb is always “on air”.


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