Roto Press Day 2016: Roto Patio Alversa

“Roto Patio Alversa”: New minimal effort universal parallel and Tilt&Slide system  hardware / Internal development, production and delivery / Customer benefits in series / Global market launch / Innovative platform / A central locking system, a handle and a modular sliding system / Four versions / Certified market-ready / Launch in 14 languages

Combination reduces costs

Berlin/Leinfelden-Echterdingen – (rp) The goal of achieving a “superior customer benefits position” is a clear priority, particularly when it comes to product policy. A “fundamental prerequisite” for this is full development, production and logistics independence. This is ultimately the only way to fully exploit technologies’ potential for even quicker and more flexible responses to changed market and customer requirements. Building on this strategic basis, Roto announced a “new era” in the “Sliding” product group at the 11th International Trade Press Day: From 15 November 2016 – incidentally the precise day of the Berlin event – the window and door technology specialist will introduce worldwide with “Patio Alversa” a “minimal effort Universal parallel sliding and Tilt&Slide system hardware”. The range is a practical customer benefits “milestone”.

As marketing manager Udo Pauly initialled explained, the company’s sliding system portfolio also includes folding, lifting and airtight sealing solutions. According to internal calculations this market segment’s 2015 global hardware volume amounted to a total of about 800 million euros, meaning that it is certainly of a “relevant size”. On the issue of what window fabricators expect from advanced sliding systems, Roto research identified four key criteria. Specifically in this regard, they are the hardware technology’s rapid assembly and simple handling, different application versions’ flexible use, permanently reliable function and on-time delivery. The new innovative system platform “fully” satisfies this profile.

Three key trademarks

The most important “Patio Alversa” customer benefit is that it permanently reduces fabricator manufacturing, storage and logistics costs to a minimum. This is achieved by a universal central locking system, universal handle and modular sliding system combination. The use of the same central locking system across all the different versions is an industry first. The “NT” (PVC, timber) and “AL” (aluminium) Tilt&Turn hardware components were available for this. According to Roto, they ensure quick production line processing and do not require production plant or stop point changes. They – and indeed the entire system – have also significantly reduced the number of different parts, thereby simplifying storage.

The same applies to the “universal handle”, which is a special feature of the range. The use of the “line” and “swing” series, which are available in all popular colours, further reduces the administration effort required by simplifying the master data process. This advantage is a further defining feature of the whole product line.

The third “characteristic feature” of “Patio Alversa” is the modular sliding system. This combines “NT” or “AL” hardware product range elements such as espagnolettes and corner drives with “Patio” specific components such as bogies, scissors-sliders and track sets. The assemblies aligned to each other and standardised work steps enable quick and easy installation. Individual components can be exchanged flexibly, enabling window fabricators when producing windows to quickly switch between different Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide systems and their different ventilation functions. For the first time, this includes the ability to combine a Parallel Sliding system with tilt ventilation.

Universal quartet with added value

The “KS” version is a tilt ventilation Tilt&Slide system, while “PS” stands for a Parallel Sliding system, with or without night ventilation. “PS Air” refers to a tilt ventilation Parallel Sliding system. Finally, “PS Air Com” integrates a Parallel Sliding system with tilt ventilation, which can be conveniently controlled using the window handle. This enables sashes weighing up to 200 kg to be closed with minimal effort. 

This innovation furthermore earns the “universal” attribute for its range of applications. It is suitable – whether as a window or as a balcony door – for creating passageways to terraces and balconies or for use in conservatories and glass extensions or in offices, studies and kitchens. If required, integrated security components such as strikers and lockable handles ensure efficient, custom burglary inhibition. With its Parallel Sliding variants, Roto also emphasises ease of operation. Much like conventional Tilt&Turn windows, they are based on intuitive handle operation, quiet functioning thanks to the special opening and closing mechanism and optimised run-in and run-out characteristics provided by special damping elements.

International launch package

The series developed by Roto and produced and delivered from Lövö (Hungary), had already received all the relevant certifications at the market launch. The comprehensive testing, which our products passed with flying colours, also confirmed that “customers can work with a completely market-ready innovation from the very beginning”. 

The required professional market launch package was naturally also ready for the première. For window pros, for instance, it included catalogues, installation instructions, installation videos, connection to the “Roto Con” hardware configurator as well as various information and end user acquisition instruments. And the consistency of the internationality? All of the accompanying material is available in no less than 14 languages, was the report from Berlin.

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