Hardware system: added value ensures market success

“Roto NX”: Tilt&Turn hardware product range boasts a “crucial strength” for retailers and fabricators / High degree of efficiency as the central advantage / Product range expanded and completed / Hinge side T for timber windows available since the end of 2019 / Smart Home ready thanks to “Roto Com-Tec” wireless sensor / V locking cam with numerous benefits

Leinfelden-Echterdingen - (rp) “The new Tilt&Turn flagship product has been on a continuous course for success since its launch a good two years ago.” This is how the manufacturer describes its experience with the “Roto NX” hardware system so far. The manufacturer is also certain that the favourable development will continue in the long term. The “crucial strength” of the comprehensive range is the specific added value and therefore usefulness for retailers and fabricators. This is also reflected by the current new additions to the product range.

The high degree of efficiency also ranks among the central advantages. Fast, simple assembly during production and installation, minimal complexity, a reduced number of items, lower storage and logistics expenditure – all this has a positive impact for customers. The same applies, for instance, to the wide range of applications (comfort and security windows, zero barrier balcony doors, etc.), the suitability of components for the “Roto Patio Alversa” and “Roto Patio Inowa” sliding systems, the high load bearing capacity even in the standard version and the incorporation into the home automation. “Added value has many facets,” so the saying goes in Leinfelden-Echterdingen.

New hinge side and intelligent wireless sensor

This principle is confirmed in particular by targeted new additions to the product range. For instance, “NX” has also been available for timber windows since the end of 2019. The hinge side T is suitable for sash weights of up to 150 kg and therefore for contemporary, large window designs. It also impresses with the same benefits as its PVC counterpart. Concealed screws, cover caps with an optimised shape and powder-coated surfaces in numerous colour variants such as “titanium” characterise the attractive design. The night ventilation integrated in the sash stay as standard helps ensure greater comfort and an improved room climate. In addition, when the “TiltSafe” window is used in conjunction with additional components, burglary inhibition can be achieved in accordance with RC 2 in the tilt position or RC 3 when the window is closed. The “Roto Sil Level 6” surface based on an innovative coating technology with microcrystalline structure guarantees special security and durability. For connection components subject to high stress, such as rivets, bolts and sliding elements, it offers corrosion protection beyond the requirements of the standard.

The producer also points out the system’s “Smart Home ready” capability. This is centred around the new “Roto Com-Tec” wireless sensor for installation in the corner drive. In contrast to many other models, it can detect whether a window is actually locked or only on the latch by scanning the hardware. A vibration sensor alerts of any attempts to break in through the window. This advance, which is compatible with the non-proprietary globally established “EnOcean” wireless protocol, for greater security and comfort is available in three different versions and also for the “Patio Alversa” Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide range. Wired sensors are available in addition to the wireless ones. They are ideal for installation in properties and can be coupled with VdS-certified burglar alarms, for example.

Component with multiple benefits

The hardware series has now been completed with the further developed V locking cam, which also features the special “Sil Level 6” corrosion protection. Its further enlarged rebate-clearance tolerance range facilitates fast installation, even in difficult installation conditions, because it requires less configuration work. The integrated fine-pitch thread makes precise height adjustment possible, while minimising collisions with the frame components. The robust cam ensures consistent gasket compression, which results in tightly sealed windows and therefore prevents energy loss, even in very windy conditions. The new “NX” component enables burglary inhibition up to RC 3 and requires no special tools, making adjustments simple. A standard hex key is all that is needed for this (4 mm).





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