Efficient and reliable production with ready-to-use connecting rods for aluminium windows

Roto Aluvision supplies users of the “Roto AL” and “Roto AL Designo” Tilt&Turn hardware product ranges with ready-to-use connecting rods for every application. Connecting rods are available for windows and balcony doors of all opening types up to resistance class RC 3.

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Aluminium window manufacturers who work with one of the two “Roto AL” or “Roto AL Designo” Tilt&Turn hardware product ranges will be able to outsource part of their processing in future. This is because Roto Aluvision now offers a new service: for all orders with a volume of 100 or more windows of the same type, ready-for-use connecting rods are supplied to order. Smaller batch sizes are possible after consultation with the Sales department.

Large application range

The new service significantly reduces the workload of employees in window production: they are no longer required to adjust the punches, crop the connecting rods to size and punch the holes required depending on the hardware configuration. The cost of processing the connecting rods by Roto Aluvision is calculated and offered individually for each order. It takes into account the length of the connecting rod to the millimetre and the number of punched holes to be produced.

Roto Aluvision as an “extended workbench”

“We know that many aluminium window manufacturers currently have to work under great time pressure and therefore assume that this new type of service will be met with great approval from our customers very quickly,” explains Stefano Gianfreda, Head of Customer and Markets Europe. Like an “extended workbench”, Roto uses the new service on a customer- and order-specific basis.

Configure and order with “Roto Con Orders”

To order ready-to-use connecting rods, the window manufacturer puts together the required hardware in the “Roto Con Orders” hardware configurator as before. The “ready-to-use connecting rod” option is selected. The technical master data is generated specifically for the order. Finally, the order is transmitted to the Roto Aluvision customer adviser by a form generated in the hardware configurator. They determine the individual price for the production of the ready-to-use connecting rods. Once this has been accepted and confirmed by the customer, the connecting rods are manufactured to order.

Easily ordered – quickly delivered

Roto Aluvision implements this new service within a very short space of time. No later than 14 working days after receipt of the order configured with “Roto Con Orders”, the ready-to-use connecting rods are dispatched. The delivery documents for the connecting rods are provided with a clear reference to the configured order. Working with connecting rods and hardware in window production is not only easier, but also more reliable thanks to the error-free processing by Roto. The risk of disruptions in the production process is reduced.

Greater speed and process reliability

The connecting rods can be inserted into the sash profile without any further processing steps. “Simply push the connecting rod into the hardware groove and connect it to the corresponding sash hardware components – and that’s it,” explains Matthias Kosog, Product Manager Tilt&Turn Roto Aluvision. Gianfreda also emphasises that with the new service and support for the “Roto AL” and “Roto AL Designo” hardware product ranges, Roto Aluvision measurably increases speed and process reliability in aluminium window production.

Fixed dimension system for “Roto AL” and “Roto AL Designo”

Roto Aluvision enables the production of ready-to-use connecting rods for every application and for every resistance class up to RC 3. Incidentally, the fixed dimension system for frame components in the “Roto AL” and “Roto AL Designo” hardware product ranges also saves time in aluminium window production. The frame components always have the same positioning dimensions and can be easily positioned with the corresponding positioning jigs.

Available now

The ready-to-use connecting rods are dispatched immediately after completion accompanied by an information label and delivery note so that the customer can clearly assign the consignment to the separately delivered hardware components. This also leads to greater process reliability and increased efficiency in window production. European manufacturers of aluminium windows can now take advantage of the new Roto Aluvision service.

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