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Roto improves Lift&Slide systems

Leinfelden-Echterdingen - (rp) The stable trend for large glass facades, especially in residential construction, is simple to explain, as it reflects the growing desire for transparency, light and closeness to nature. While the right balance of aesthetics, operating convenience, functionality and durability is the priority for users, there is another important criterion for producers with economical production. This applies to Lift&Slide systems in particular, and therefore to a “classic” in the sliding systems segment. The manufacturer is positioning the “Roto Patio Lift” range for aluminium profiles as “hardware for versatile use”. It is now being extended “in line with market requirements and demand” with the addition of modern Slim versions, a design-oriented version of the central locking system and alternatives with increased corrosion resistance.

The range is now suitable for sash weights from 150 kg to 400 kg. In addition to the current standard versions for 300 kg and 400 kg, according to Roto the range now also includes three solutions for Slim profiles. The minimal installation depth of the new hardware components makes it possible to use profiles with minimal visible widths. The version for sashes weighing up to 200 kg can be upgraded with a roller unit auxiliary set up to a load bearing capacity of 400 kg.

The new “DesignLocking” espagnolette is optionally available. This is a combination of a striker that is flush with the frame and a locking cam which is located in the espagnolette and therefore no longer protrudes into the access area. The result: greater comfort and an improved appearance. Depending on the specific profile, no routing work is required for the striker screwed into the frame. This results in a clear time saving in production.

Further improved quality

Roto also emphasises the general high performance of the espagnolette. In specific terms, this includes the fact that various window and door formats are possible (sash heights from 1000 mm to 3100 mm); door espagnolettes are set up for mounting profile cylinders as standard; integrated dampers for elements from 300 kg; simple, rapid installation. An individual customer logo can also be added via info clip.

The optional “stainless steel Plus” roller unit offers the advantage of further improved quality. It impresses for instance with ball bearings made from high-grade stainless steel and low-wear rollers made from special PVC. Compared to the standard version (class 5 in accordance with DIN EN 1670 and EN 13126), the corrosion protection is further increased at critical points. In this way, it ensures that the system functions correctly in the long term. The effortless operation ensures quiet sliding without irritating sounds.

The “Roto Line” handles compatible with “Patio Lift” are also available without coating for colouration according to customers’ individual specifications. A wide range of accessories is also available. This includes an optional locking pin for night ventilation, a floor striker in conjunction with a claw integrated in the roller unit for diagram C and, to provide extra protection, a buffer stop for braking the sliding sash in the opening direction, and a roller unit support for the standard versions “Lift 300” and “Lift 400”. All of this confirms the versatility of the hardware product range for contemporary Lift&Slide systems.