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Lift&Slide systems in a class of their own

In their careers, Roland Sax, Muhamet Krasniqi and Burim Kastrati without exception are dedicated to the production, sale and installation of building elements. When they founded Visual Fenster AG, based in St. Gallen, they therefore knew exactly what they needed to offer in order for their production operations to be profitable in Switzerland, for Switzerland.

Opportunity recognised and utilised

A massive change in the supplier structure in Switzerland motivated the experienced window professionals to establish their company: “Architects and investors were losing an increasing number of manufacturers who were ceasing to operate due to a lack of profitability. However, they still wanted to buy from Swiss companies and were looking for direct service from a producer.” This created a gap in the market, which Visual Fenster was able to serve with an economically optimised production process and small, very flexible systems.

Sliding systems better than ever

Lift&Slide systems in particular are very popular in Switzerland. Sax knows the reason why: “In a country where more people live in a flat rather than a house that they own, it is entirely logical that space-saving sliding has become the preferred opening type.” He adds that the quality of sliding systems is impressive nowadays. “The good systems are intuitive to use and are really tightly sealed.”

To be able to produce not only good but premium quality Lift&Slide systems, Visual Fenster examined the ranges offered by various profile and hardware manufacturers in detail. “The decision to finally build our own factory together was, of course, a clear signal to potential suppliers of who they were dealing with,” Sax smiles as he remembers. “With the three guys from Visual Fenster, suppliers benefit firstly from a total of 80 years of industry experience and secondly from businessmen who only want the best.” In the end, the decision was made to go with two partners who stood out through their economic robustness, impressive product quality and impressive commitment.

Swiss pioneer with VEKAMOTION and Roto Patio Lift

Sax is pleased that “being thorough when making our choice has truly paid off.” From April to December 2021 alone, the team – which is still small – has sold, produced and installed around 500 Vekamotion Lift&Slide systems with the Roto Patio Lift hardware. “We even produce more efficiently than manufacturers who only build a few Lift&Slide systems occasionally.” Our colleagues recognise this and are buying more of our systems. We have already worked out an excellent division of labour with some of them.” Sax reports that, when architects ask for aluminium or timber elements, he is happy to recommend quality-focused manufacturers who buy PVC or PVC / aluminium building elements from Visual Fenster in return.

Well-equipped for producing large formats

“It’s no secret that our growth targets for the next few years are closely linked with the Vekamotion Lift&Slide system in particular.” Visual Fenster chose the profile system and hardware so that an element would be stable and really easy to move, even with very large and heavy glazing.

Roto in demand as a full-range supplier

Sax describes how the three partners were enthusiastic when they identified Roto “as an optimal hardware supplier”, adding:

“As soon as you see it you know –  Roto Patio Lift represents true quality. ”

The complaints handling process is very laborious and expensive for sliding systems  in  particular, which is why, for manufacturers, it is a good idea to choose extremely reliable components and systems.

The new company Visual Fenster was also enthused by Roto as a true full-range supplier. “No matter what we’re looking for, we’ll find what we need in Roto’s range, whether just in a few sets or even as a unique special solution.” Whether it’s Roto NX Tilt&Turn hardware for floating-mullion windows, security strikers and V cams for increased burglary protection or electronic main door locks – Visual Fenster can focus on a single partner and hardware supplier.

Inspiration guaranteed

Roto customer adviser Josef Lötscher is now discussing the use of Patio Inowa sliding systems with the three Swiss businessmen. “I’m certain that Visual Fenster will very soon have a use for this intelligent hardware.” Sax nods and adds: “We have a greater interest in hardware technology than others, and Patio Inowa has a lot to offer. Our good experience with Roto in the spring of 2021 also gave us the motivation to move forwards together.”

Strong services right from the outset

Ultimately only a few weeks passed between the establishment of Visual Fenster AG and the start of production, during which time Roto had to take charge of preparing the article master data for the systems and automatic machines that had just been chosen. “And it went well because we were working with qualified and very dedicated people in Switzerland and in Leinfelden,” believes Sax.

“That’s how a partnership offers true added value.”

Roto also succeeded in maintaining the deliv-ery performance at a high level for almost all of the past year. “It’s very important to us that our staff don’t experience any unnecessary stress, for example because primary material is missing,” emphasises Sax. “This is just as important when it comes to equipping our workplaces with the things that make our trade easier. Modern technology and good suppliers are required for what we want to achieve on a daily basis. In this regard, Roto supports our whole team.”