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Educational partnerships and cooperation

Educational partnerships enable personal contact between students and companies, which is of great benefit to both parties. As a company, we can reach the students directly and introduce them to us.

This includes offering factory tours, applicant training, social conduct courses and presentation training, for example. Alongside this, school visits are organised with our trainees and students. This allows students to find out a little about the company and the different career opportunities it offers at first-hand. They can ask questions and build a comprehensive picture. We also cooperate with other companies and make our training workshop available to them.

Educational partnerships at Roto Leinfelden

Point of contact

Anja Rilling

Anja is in charge of our educational partnerships, working hard both to establish new partnerships and to maintain regular contact with existing educational partners. She also coordinates visits and is responsible for communication. As a dual studies student, she has experience from both sides, making her supremely qualified for the role.

Tel. +49 711 7598 789