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  • Strength and reliability at an economical price

    Strength and reliability at an economical price

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Casement & Awning Hinges

Roto offers a variety of 2-bar and 4-bar hinges for all of your casement and awning needs.

HG06 (2-bar)

  • Features 10" and 14" washability versions and a 10" egress version
  • Suitable for most casement and awning window applications (wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass)
  • Available in both 7/16" and 1/2" stack height versions, so there is no need for a spacer
  • Available in powder-coated steel or 300 Series stainless steel
  • Brass pin allows for 4mm of adjustment

HG06 (2-bar friction)

  • Available in 7/16" stack height
  • Features 10", 14" 18", 22" variants 
  • Adjustable friction (as needed)

HG09 Composite Hinge

  • 10" and 14" washability options available
  • Corrosion-resistant alternative to stainless steel
  • Composite arms act as a "built-in" sash lifter, reducing possibility for sash sag

HG05 (2-bar)

  • Premium hinge to accomodate heaviest sash up to 125 lbs (*)
  • Quick disconnect feature allows an easy snap connection between the sash and frame
  • With a simple turn of a wrench, the hinge adjusts to compensate for sash sag or window manufacturing variations, up to 3mm (.125")
  • Additional holes in the hinge arms allow for installation into a bow/bay window and the installation of a limiting device
  • Hinge arms are rounded at the edges to resist binding
  • Performance exceeds standards set by AAMA

4 Bar Hinge

  • Ideal for commercial and residential applications
  • Available in various lengths and stack heights
  • Available in 300 Series stainless steel
  • Friction and non-friction versions available 
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