Door Door Roto Safe E
  • Electromechanical Multi-Point Locking Systems for Doors

    Electromechanical Multi-Point Locking Systems for Doors

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For single-familiy homes, apartments, offices etc.:

» Roto Safe E | Eneo C/CC

  • No key required
  • Easy to open via a radio transmitter or various access control systems
  • Optional electric swing door drive Roto E-Tec Door Drive
  • Locks electrically and automatically
  • Day/night switch with status indication

For apartment buildings:

» Roto Safe E | Eneo A

  • Easy to open via an electric button (intercom system)
  • Tandeo lock locks mechanically and automatically
  • Opening the lock via radio remote control as an option
  • Variant Eneo AF for emergency exit doors according to DIN EN 179

Eneo C/CC with day/night switch with status / Eneo A wireless

Eneo C/CC:
The day/night switch shows the actual setting.

Eneo A:
As an innovation, the lock also can be opened via our radio remote control. For this, special lock versions are designed with radio receiver located in the drive unit.

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