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  • Comfort hardware for large sliding doors

    Comfort hardware for large sliding doors

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Energy Efficiency

An innovative sealing concept and a standard integrated enhanced threshold reliably provide optimum sealing properties with our "Lift&Slide"system.

  • Seals right round the door
  • The highest sealing values on the market beat even the worst weather conditions:
    - impermeability against driving rain DIN EN 1026/12207: Grade 9A
    - Air permeability: DIN EN 1027/12208: Grade 4 
  • The enhanced threshold with a special mix of thermally insulating materials provides optimum isothermal efficiency and prevents cold bridges and condensation even when the outside temperature falls to below -15°C
  • This can mean significant energy consumption reductions

As an alternative, we can supply an aluminium flexible threshold with single thermal break.

Enhanced threshold for optimum thermal insulation
Isothermal efficiency with the timber profile
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