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  • Hardware Systems for Simple Sliding Windows and Doors

    Hardware Systems for Simple Sliding Windows and Doors

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The modular Roto Inline hardware system for aluminium, PVC and timber profiles enables windows and balcony/terrace doors with sash weights of up to 200 kg to be pushed to the side comfortably and practically.

In many countries, windows and doors are opened by simple sliding hardware – and not without reason, because space-saving opening with sliding sashes instead of with Turn-Only sashes allows optimum room use because no sashes project into the living space.

Our completely concealed Roto Inline hardware with its multi-point locking system impresses here by offering many advantages, and thanks to its modular principle, it permits many different design possibilities: All components can be combined with each other easily and without any problem, fully in line with your individual security, comfort and design requirements.

Suitable for

  • Sliding windows made of the frame materials aluminium, PVC and timber
  • Sash weights up to 200 kg
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