Roto NT Designo

Roto NT Designo

Concealed Hinge Solution for Windows and Balcony Doors with High Sash Weights up to 150 kg

Window design demands increase in an attractive home. Our concealed hinge side Roto NT Designo masters this discipline with bravura: No hinges visible from the outside, no caps – nothing detracts from the window's appearance because the less we can see of the technology, the better! The hardware system is suitable for timber, PVC and aluminium windows with 16 mm hardware groove.

The aesthetics of the window hardware from the Roto NT range has been fully integrated into the Roto NT modular system so that here too you can utilise all the advantages in terms of features and installation.

» Details about he Roto NT Designo hinge side

Suitable for

  • Tilt&Turn / Turn-Only windows in timber and PVC
  • For sash weights up to 150 kg

Triple-sash windows without mullions

Roto NT Designo is also available for triple-sash windows without mullions, for wood and plastic profiles.
  • The sash is easy to hinge and unhinge
  • Efficient mounting
  • Weight of the centre sash of up to 80 kg
  • The centre sash is always the last sash to be opened
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