Roto: “There is virtually no greater incentive”

Customers give their opinion of “Roto NX” / Acclaim for the new Tilt&Turn hardware generation / Window manufacturers agree that the claim of “shaping the industry once again” rings true / Practical benefits for processors and end customers / Individual requirements met / Opinions from Germany and Austria

Roto: “There is virtually no greater incentive”

Leinfelden-Echterdingen - (rp) The major international stage for showcasing product launches is without a doubt the “Fensterbau Frontale” trade fair. For Roto, this is reason enough to put itself to the vote of the expert audience with a “Tilt&Turn hardware system for windows and balcony doors shaping the industry once again.” Straight after presenting its new products in Nuremberg, the producer reports that this important test for gauging mood and acceptance was, on balance, “highly positive.” The company is now fleshing out its general account with the addition of opinions expressed by customers from the Central Europe business area, who took the opportunity to learn more about “Roto NX on site.” For managing director Volker Fitschen, the range of statements reflects the individual priorities discussed by visitors to the trade fair as well as the variety encompassed by the extensive hardware product range: “every customer has their own differing definition of what the practical benefit is for them. This is precisely what makes our new range so impressive.”

Sights set on fast changeover

What matters to Fenstertechnik Brand GmbH, based in Creuzburg-Ifta, Thuringia, Germany, are unique selling propositions to make the company stand out to end customers. “We aspire to continuously develop our company and our products,” underlines managing director Tobias Voigt. An important contribution towards achieving this aim is the “TiltSafe” window, which enables burglary inhibition in accordance with RC 2 in the mechanical and electrical versions for windows in the tilt position. Managing director Birgit Brand believes that the appearance must also be attractive in order to win over end customers. This is also the case for the new Tilt&Turn series.

The company, with a total of around 200 employees, wants to begin changing over its production processes to “Roto NX as soon as possible.” The reason for this, according to Brand, is that the components are “highly compatible” with those from the previously used “NT” range. This makes the change relatively simple to achieve. As a result, the range is proving to be “very easy for processors to use.” The manufacturer of PVC and aluminium windows rates its advantages in terms of “efficiency” and “security” as “crucial.” Out of the new assemblies, Voigt reserves special praise for the Plus floating-mullion sash espagnolette in addition to the “TiltSafe” window.

Customers truly integrated

Roland Farka gained a “very positive” overall impression but singles out the particular highlight of the high backset espagnolette with “EasyMix” system for installing the lock and gearbox on the faceplate without the use of screws. Firstly, the managing director of Farkalux Fenster- & Elementbau GmbH in Kematen, Austria, refers to the resulting advantages offered by streamlined storage and the simplification of the espagnolette replacement process. Secondly, he is pleased with the implementation of this development in practice, which Roto discussed with customers in the “House of Ideas” at the “Fensterbau Frontale” trade fair back in 2016. He was completely won over even at that early stage. The result confirms that the industry partner truly integrates its customers.

The hinge side P for PVC windows with a sash weight of up to 150 kg, the Plus floating-mullion sash espagnolette and the lifting mishandling device also scored highly. The head of the window producer, with around 60 employees, is also enthusiastic about the “TiltSafe” innovation. But since there are relatively few break-ins in Tyrol, the specific benefit for the company is quite low at present. Nevertheless, the issue of security has significant potential. All things considered, Farka attests that the next Tilt&Turn generation is indeed “shaping the industry once again,” as announced by Roto.

Joint vote

For Haller Fensterbau GmbH, based in the Swabian town of Schorndorf, Germany, the hinge side P for PVC windows is among the innovations offering tangible benefits. Managing director Joachim Haller explains that security is achieved by the higher sash weights which are possible thanks to this hinge side. It is “good to know” that the new hardware system ensures seamless implementation of even heavy elements. In addition, right at the top of the list of plus points is the rebate-clearance adjustment on the V locking cam, which will be available from 2019 onwards, and the “TiltSafe” window, which, according to managing director Florian Haller, “will certainly be successful on the market.” All in all, the window professionals, who are in charge of around 40 members of staff, consider “Roto NX” to be a “great thing.”

Philipp Zink is of the opinion that the new range has a “strong differentiating factor.” The benefits offered to end customers are the main priority for the sales manager of Th. Zink GmbH, which is based in Bergen, Lower Saxony, Germany, has around 50 members of staff, and produces and sells windows, main doors and roller shutters. Roto is setting “new standards” primarily in the design and security sector here. In the case of “TiltSafe”, this relates to the tilt position in accordance with RC 2 and the RC 3-compliant alternative for closed Windows.

Unequivocal agreement among professionals

Volker Fitschen summarises the customer interviews as follows: “in our opinion, the positive feedback confirms the fact that, for our partners, ‘Roto NX’ represents major progress in line with market requirements and demand, specifically because of its varied individual aspects. Now our task is to establish and advance this progress together.” The general requirements that the professional processors who took part in the discussions have for an innovative Tilt&Turn hardware system differ greatly, but they all unequivocally underline that “our new flagship” meets their specific criteria “entirely.” The managing director for Central Europe states that “there is virtually no greater incentive.”


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