Together making perfect windows for visionary aluminium facades a reality

Joining the Roto Object Business consultants for a customised window solution / Professional planning even for special aluminium window and aluminium balcony door solutions / From the idea to the prototype: Aluminium window fabricators benefit from Roto Object Business expertise

Together making perfect windows for visionary aluminium facades a reality

Leinfelden-Echterdingen / München – The installation of appealing aluminium facades often requires individual window and balcony door designs. Roto Object Business consultants support facade and window fabricators, architects and investors in planning and designing these elements through the configuration of equally high-quality as well as individualised hardware solutions. For example, special solutions are being developed for extremely energy-efficient or very delicate aluminium windows and balcony doors with large areas which fall outside of the standard.

Architects require a secure and fast offer preparation to complete their facade planning just as much as the facade or window fabricators need prompt reliable information regarding the proposed window solutions’ technical feasibility. The Roto Object Business experts will therefore ensure a detailed explanation of outstanding questions swiftly. As part of this, they utilise a broad network of experienced systems supplier and facade manufacturing specialists. As a result, they make binding technical feasibility statements and point out hardware technology alternatives for different requirements. They also then check the installation hardware requirements and design customised standard or special solutions for the construction.

Visualising concepts with in-house prototype construction
The desired hardware solution visualisation in a prototype facilitates the discussion of optimisation possibilities for the later standard product and speeds up the planning process. The Roto Object Business experts provide a fast standard and special component prototype creation using a 3D printing procedure. Tailored colour schemes can also be realistically presented.

Tested and certified 
In the certified test centre Roto ITC – International Technology Centre – in Leinfelden, window and hardware tests for individual project solutions are properly carried out to national and international standards. In this way, the individual warranty extension prerequisites are also created. Deadlines are scheduled promptly in order to realise test prototypes quickly and individually. As a result, with the high flexibility achieved for testing project solutions, preparatory work up to production start is designed in a timely and cost-efficient way.

Alongside the experts
Even in specially developed hardware solutions, the Roto Object Business experts are mindful of optimal ease of operation, appealing design and the highest security standards. Roto Object Business’ customer care also includes supporting window production on site. Training the window fabricator’s employees during the initial production steps and adapting the manufacturing material and product flow to the specific project challenges also form a part of the spectrum of services offered. An individually tailored logistics concept ensures short delivery times and on-time delivery during the production phase. Customer-specific labelling and packaging support lean process implementation and provide planning security.

Comprehensive documentation for facility management
These services are supplemented by the creation of project-specific documentation as well as a competent after-sales and replacement parts service following project completion. Window fabricators, facility management and builders receive supporting reference material with all hardware-relevant information about the construction.

Since Roto Object Business was set up in 2014, the team specialists have been delivering these services for projects on every continent across the globe. ‘Roto is unequivocally now recognised by many aluminium facade specialists around the world as a highly esteemed and trusted partner,’ enthused Jordi Nadal, Managing Director of Aluvision Europe and America. ‘Thanks to our regular appearance at BAU in Munich, we give existing customers and new prospective customers a platform for the exchange of construction and specialist ideas.’

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