Produce aluminium windows in RC 2 economically

picture caption: The new, symmetrical Roto security strikers for RC-2 compatible Turn-Only and Tilt&Turn windows comprising aluminium profiles with Euro-groove are only clamped with a piercing screw at first. They can be placed at any position in the frame profile, entirely regardless of the run-in direction of the locking cam. A new positioning jig additionally simplifies installation. 

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Newly developed security strikers are now available for the “Roto AL” and “Roto AL Designo” Tilt&Turn hardware product ranges. They are pre-clampable and are not screwed down in their final position until the correct fit of sash and frame or cam and striker has been checked. They are suitable for all aluminium profile systems with Euro-groove. The use of the new strikers is making the production of RC 2-compatible aluminium windows more convenient and economical: the locking cam can run into the fully symmetrical security strikers on both sides. This allows the strikers to be placed anywhere around the entire frame profile, without having to consider their alignment with the run-in movement of the locking cam – whether on the hinge side or on the locking side. This reduces the storage requirements and even further minimises the risk of installation errors.

Correct installation, simple adjustment

Incorrect measurements, incorrect drilling – in the past, many manufacturers found upgrading an aluminium window with additional security strikers for more burglary protection to be an arduous exercise in concentration during daily production. The new strikers for the “Roto AL” and “Roto AL Designo” product ranges make this a thing of the past, at least for people who use profiles with Euro-groove. 

New positioning jig to make installation even simpler

The placement of the new strikers is further simplified thanks to a new positioning jig. It can be used for all locking cams and all strikers from the “Roto AL” and “Roto AL Designo” product ranges. The use of these components and the exact transfer of the locking cam position to the point of entry of the strikers means that optimum run-in characteristics are always ensured. The jig is simply fitted to the locking cam and, when the sash is closed, protrudes beneath the overlap so that the position of the locking cam is visible. This way, the correct position of the striker can be marked easily. Three notches on the locating aid help with this. The middle notch marks the exact locking cam position in the centre. Using the outer notches, the position of the striker can be marked on the edge, including the requisite 3 mm clearance on the frame. Thanks to the lateral support of the spring bars, the hardware system can also be operated while taking account of the locking cam position. 

Increased burglary protection with most profile systems 

“We assessed various profile systems with Euro-groove and have already tested the RC 2 compatibility of some of them on behalf of customers,” reports Matthias Nagat, Head of Roto Aluvision Range Marketing and Product Adaptation. “Depending on the number of strikers installed, windows in resistance classes RC 1 and RC 2 can be produced up to a height of 3000 mm and a sash weight of max. 300 kg.” If a striker has to be adjusted again after the window is installed, this is possible thanks to the slots in the striker. These slots are used to screw the striker into its final position in the frame groove. If correction is necessary, for example because the sash has lowered, the screws can be quickly undone to allow the position of the striker to be optimised. This means that even windows with many locking points are easy to lock, too.

Attractive advantages in production

“It goes without saying that a manufacturer has to subject their windows and balcony doors to testing if the new security strikers are to be introduced into production,” explains Nagat. “Following the product presentation at the ‘BAU’ 2019 trade fair in Munich, due to the many advantages for production, countless processors contacted us to arrange for their systems – which had already been tested – to be tested again with the new strikers. Everyone who is still developing a new aluminium window and aiming for RC 2 tests should use the new and improved central locking systems in their tests from the outset.”

Roto modular hardware system for aluminium windows of any opening type

“Roto AL” is universal hardware for aluminium windows and balcony doors with surface-mounted hinge side. The system has a modular design and is suitable for producing windows and balcony doors in virtually all common window formats and sizes and of all opening types. No matter whether the windows have Tilt&Turn, Turn-Only, Tilt-Only, TiltFirst or floating-mullion sashes, they can all be designed as windows from resistance classes RC 1 to RC 3 with the corresponding components from the “Roto AL” modular system.

“Roto AL Designo” is fully concealed hardware for large, heavy aluminium windows up to 180 kg. It meets the highest requirements for aesthetics and functionality while being extremely easy to work with. The design of the “Roto AL Designo” hardware product range is also based on Roto’s proven modular principle and can be integrated in virtually all Euro-groove profile systems.

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