New Tilt&Turn hardware: efficiency in series production

High quality, excellent efficiency: “Roto NX” / Hinge sides: new design features save installation time for processors / “TiltSafe”: fewer components, but still achieves burglary inhibition in accordance with RC2 / Durability as a crucial reason for builders to buy the product

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Cost pressure has been increasing in window and balcony door construction for years. This is why Roto believes it now has a greater responsibility in the interest of customers to balance increasing requirements for the quality of hardware with ensuring economy. In addition to the need to optimise products for production and installation, this must also be reflected in solutions for streamlined storage and logistics. The new “Roto NX” Tilt&Turn hardware system is a “prime example” of how this balancing act can be achieved – to the benefit of window manufacturers and installation companies, as well as building element and architectural hardware dealers.

A whole host of design features are given as proof of the excellent efficiency offered by this comprehensive product range. Among these design features, the mere fact that the 100 kg and 130 kg hinge sides are combined on one hinge side up to 130 kg as the new standard results in a reduced number of items. In addition, the stay bearing, pivot rest and stay guide can each be used on the right and left. The positive effects include reduced storage space and much less effort required for creating and updating master data. The standardised drilling and screw pattern speeds up installation and eliminates the need for additional screw fixings. Since the corner screw fixing is omitted on the hinge side up to 130 kg, automation is also possible. The manufacturer emphasises that “This also saves time and money.”

No custom production

It is said that economy also plays a crucial role in the “TiltSafe” innovation. Standardised components in the sash have rendered custom production unnecessary. Furthermore, each of the three identical security tilt ventilation components made of steel for installation on the right-hand or left-hand side are suitable for achieving burglary inhibition in accordance with RC 2 with the windows in the tilt position up to 65 mm, when used in conjunction with other elements such as security locking cams and a lockable handle. The resultant improvements to reputation and turnover must not be forgotten when it comes to the economy efficiency calculation.

Roto explains that efficient processing is not just reflected in the reduced installation effort but also in the durability of components. If stable spring structures lead to increased reliability, for example, as is the case with the mechanical balcony door bullet catch thanks to the two internal spiral springs, this results in fewer complaints. “This may be a crucial reason for private builders and property owners to buy the product,” states the hardware specialist.

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