"Fensterbau Frontale" 2018: good made even better

Tilt&Turn hardware system for windows and balcony doors shaping the industry once again / Next leap forward in innovation thanks to “Roto NX” / Impetus from customers – benefits for customers / “World champion” status confirmed / Comprehensive generation change / “Always the right decision” / Proven assemblies and new ones / Intelligent solutions for four key topics / Premiere for V locking cam / Smart Home-compatible wireless sensor / Specific reasons to make the change / Market launch as planned

Good made even better

Leinfelden-Echterdingen - (rp) It is ultimately the totality of the various processing and application advantages that confirms the superiority of “our new Tilt&Turn flagship” in practice. This is why window manufacturers and installation companies in particular will “quickly realise” that they are always making the right (investment) decision with this system. The comprehensive range, which is already available for the most part, is proving to be a “safe choice” for building element dealers and building hardware dealers, as well as private builders and property owners. Roto advocated this conviction during “Fensterbau Frontale” on the occasion of the market premiere of a “Tilt&Turn hardware system for windows and balcony doors shaping the industry once again”. With “Roto NX”, the manufacturer is making the next big step forward in development and sets standards in topics central to the industry, namely efficiency, security, comfort and design.

The full range, which is strictly focussed on the specific benefit for customers, is a continuation of the construction supplier’s “Tilt&Turn success story” stretching back over 80 years. This is reflected in the fact that, since the company was founded, it has sold around half a billion Turn-Only / Tilt&Turn sets in over 55 countries, earning it “world champion” status. The current leap forward in innovation is the result of intensive trend scouting and extensive partner surveys. For instance, individual discussions with more than 90 customer groups, e.g. from the USA, Russia, Poland, Mexico, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland during the leading international trade fair in 2016 were an important source of information. Practical discussions about the future of Tilt&Turn hardware frequently focussed on aspects such as further increased ease of installation, reduced item and storage requirements, more convenient functionality and a higher-grade appearance.

Economical, reliable, convenient, attractive

“Roto NX” surpasses these requirements, and others, by far. The manufacturer has managed to “make the good even better”. The range combines elements from the proven “NT” previous series with new or significantly optimised assemblies. The producer presented numerous exhibits to the expert audience in Nuremberg to illustrate what specifically characterises the generation change. It illustrated the broad range of services and solutions in four areas of expertise.

Firstly, the hardware system provides a high level of efficiency. It ensures simple and fast assembly during production and installation. It also significantly reduces storage and logistics expenditure. This saves time and money. Other than that, the aim is to reduce the number of items for window manufacturers in the long term. Opportunities to achieve this in practice are provided by the repeated use of identical parts which can be used on the right and left (stay bearing / pivot rest, stay guide) and the disconnection of the floating mullion and gearbox / lock casing. The range also guarantees a high level of quality and complies with the relevant standards.

Secondly, “Roto NX” stands for distinct security in multiple aspects. For instance, when the “TiltSafe” window is used in conjunction with additional components, burglary inhibition in accordance with RC 2 can be achieved in the tilt position. In addition, the system can be worked on with increased safety as higher loads are possible even in the standard version. Finally, the extensive breadth and depth of the product range also results in maximum flexibility, reliability and therefore decision making certainty.

Thirdly, the system ensures increased comfort. It proves to be extremely user-friendly because it is easy to handle and remains fully functional in the long term. It also improves living comfort, for example by night ventilation as standard and effortless integration into the home automation system.

Fourthly, the entire hardware range has an attractive design. This is the result of features such as subtle cover caps, concealed screws and attractive powder coatings as well as the new “titanium” surface. In addition, the system provides a new impetus for a modern room design with the trend for larger glass surfaces and formats, as it makes a window height possible that is increased by 200 mm to 2800 mm.

Double premiere

On this basis, visitors to the trade fair were able to see for themselves the following assemblies in use, among others: the hinge side P for PVC windows, the hinge side T for timber windows with a sash weight of up to 150 kg, the “TiltSafe” window, the high backset espagnolette with the “EasyMix system” for installation without screws, the Plus floating-mullion sash espagnolette, the lifting mishandling device and the mechanical balcony door bullet catch. The global Tilt&Turn market leader also presented two new elements in the product range which are designed to provide increased benefits for “Roto NX” customers in future.

The V locking cam, available from 2019, further increases the efficiency of the system thanks to time- and cost-efficient adjustment possibilities. The optimised rebate-clearance tolerance range results in reduced installation effort in the factory and on the construction site, in the same way as a marking to indicate the extent of the gasket compression adjustment. In addition, it will soon also be possible to adjust the gasket compression and height using a standard size 4 hex key. The existing “NT” special key can also be used for this purpose.

The practical demonstration of a Smart Home-compatible solution illustrated how the “TiltSafe” function is conveniently integrated into the home automation thanks to a “docked” radio-based product innovation. It combines the “E-Tec Drive” concealed tilt opening and locking drive with the “Roto Com-Tec” sensor, available from the end of 2018. It is equipped in accordance with the “EnOcean” wireless standard, is used for installation on the window sash and ensures that the hardware position is reliably detected. “TiltSafe” is identified thanks to the clearly defined status detection so that no alarm is triggered in the tilt position, despite the window being open. The wireless sensor can be integrated into all “EnOcean” systems. It is therefore possible to connect existing programs on the market to the open system at any time. This innovation, rounded off by the hub and app, therefore offers the wide range of applications required in home automation.

Active assistance with making the change

The bottom line is that the innovative “next generation” of Tilt&Turn hardware – entirely developed in-house – provides the intelligent solutions required for the issues of the future relating to windows, is produced by a reliable, stable and strong market partner, ensures durability and high quality and, last but not least, stands for German engineering skill. During “Fensterbau Frontale”, the manufacturer concluded that this is why switching over to the new product range produced in the factories in Leinfelden (Germany), Kalsdorf (Austria) and Lövő (Hungary) is “always the right decision” for customers. Processing companies are offered the opportunity to receive active support from Roto’s own sales and “Lean” experts when gradually changing to the “Roto NX” era.

In addition, the international market launch began as planned. An accompanying campaign package comprises various marketing instruments in numerous languages targeted to individual countries. Additional information is available at www.roto-nx.com.


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