“Will I be able to open it just a small amount for ventilation?”


Another feature of Designo II...

When you're trying to up-sell to a client and steer them towards a certain product, the last thing you want is for them to ask if a specific feature – something they've previously found useful – is available, only for you have to tell them that no, unfortunately, that particular thing isn't going to be possible.

This can happen with Tilt&Turn windows. Because despite their many advantages, most of the ones currently installed in the UK don't have a night vent mode.

Many customers are used to having this feature on their outward-opening casements. They can have the window held open very slightly, so a small amount of air flows in. The sash is held in place and does not appear to be open.

Actually, a night vent mode has been possible on Roto Tilt&Turn systems for many years, but it was an optional extra requiring a special corner drive. For that reason, most fabricators didn't offer it.

Our new Designo II system removes this obstacle, because now you can enable a night vent facility by adding just one extra part – and it can even be retrofitted to an existing window without having to remove or change any components.

The night vent frame part is slightly smaller in size than a regular striker. You just fit it alongside the existing striker on the corner above the handle. It butts up right next to the striker, so you don't even need to jig or measure its position.

To enable night vent mode, all the user has to do is close the window and move the handle to the 135 degree position – in other words, half-way between the 'tilt' and 'turn' modes.

The cam on the top corner drive engages with the night vent component and the sash is held in place.

This provides the same sort of ventilation as the night vent mode on a casement window of the same size, so your client won't feel functionality has been reduced in this area.

For most situations, that will be enough to satisfy the client. But there is a way to take this functionality even further.

There can be places where the vent mode is used a lot: perhaps in a room used for drying clothes for example. In these instances it can be an advantage for the client to be able to alter the degree of opening, so they can vary the airflow depending on the outside temperature, wind etc.

For these applications, the Designo II system also gives you the ability to offer a multi-stepped night vent.

With this, a narrower tilting angle is possible in the ventilation mode, with the choice of two or even three different vent positions.

It's another way for you to be able to say "yes" to a client's request, without causing a lot of extra work or adding any significant cost.

This new generation of Tilt&Turn hardware helps you offer your customers more benefits than ever before. Discover more about it: visit the Designo II area on the Roto website.

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