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Passive high-rise building "Buggi 50"

World's first passive high-rise building in Freiburg, Germany

The world's first high-rise residential building to be renovated into a passive high-rise building is located in Freiburg at Bugginger Strasse 50 and is considered one of the most spectacular showpieces for energy-efficient renovations.

The ambitious project of Freiburger Stadtbau GmbH (FSB) is so far unique in several respects: a 45-metre-high, 16-storey high-rise building built in 1968 that consumes 80 percent less heating energy and relieves the environment of 57 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. With a heating energy demand of less than 15 kilowatt hours per square metre and year, the tenants benefit from low heating costs with a high level of comfort.

Hardware technology:

  • Roto NT