Macororó 10

ƒƒModern residential and office building located in South America.

  • Production site: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
  • Architect: Arq. Giovanni Mancilla
  • Builder: ALUVI
  • Building type: Residential building, office building
  • Frame material: Aluminium


  • 860 sets
  • Sash dimensions: 1,000 x 2,200 mm
  • Sash weight: 65 kg
  • Tightly sealed sliding systems

Roto solution

  • Roto Patio Lift | Light: Standard hardware for light Lift&Slide windows and balcony doors
  • High acoustic performance and tightness
  • ƒƒPatented anti-lifting system providing higher safety
  • ƒƒOperating comfort and modern design


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