Special aluminium solutions with Roto Object Business

Certainty in planning and implementing customised Solutions

Technically and aesthetically demanding project implementation requires innovative window and facade element solutions.

For particularly large, energy efficient aluminium windows and doors, for which standard components do not fit, we develop economically viable and tailored solutions, paying attention to maximum operating convenience, appealing aesthetics and the highest security standards.

The Roto Object Business experts are your reliable partners for projectspecific window and door technology inquiries. We provide you with customised hardware solutions tailored to your individual requirements with which to implement your ideas:

  • Technical support and solution concepts
    - Quick and reliable statements about your project's technical feasibility
    - Design of standard and customised solutions for your project
    - Clarification of outstanding issues, especially for customized applications
    - Extensive network of experienced specialists in the facade and system industry

  • Effective prototyping
    - Visualisation of design concepts through in-house prototyping
    - Samples created quickly and efficiently by using 3D printing
    - Implementation of optimisation requests on short notice
    - Support with the creation of sample elements on-site
    - Implementation of individual colour preferences

  • Efficient validation and certification
    - Window and hardware testing in the Roto ITC in-house certified test centre
    - Save time and money through faster scheduling and flexibility
    - Testing and certification of project solutions
    - Compliance with national and international standards and regulations
    - Individualised project warranty extensions

  • Individualised production assistance
    - Efficient processing and lean process due to individial logistics concept
    - On-site support during the initial stages of production
    - Adjustment of the flow of material and goods to the project
    - Project-specific documentation
    - Competent after-sales and parts Service


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