Roto Documents for Downloading

Please bear in mind that Roto products require specialist knowledge and so not all document contents are intended for the end user.

Correct use also includes adhering to all the specifications in the product-specific documents, such as:

  • Installation / maintenance / operating instructions
  • Product catalogues
  • Information and specifications of the profile manufacturer
  • The relevant directives (e.g. TBDK and VHBE of the “Gütegemeinschaft Schlösser und Beschläge e.V.” in Germany)
  • The valid national laws and directives

Any type of use that goes beyond or differs from the defined correct use shall be regarded as misuse.

Warning! Danger from misuse!

Misuse and incorrect installation of Roto hardware can result in hazardous situations.

  • Never use hardware combinations that have not been approved by Roto
  • Never use accessories that are not original Roto products or that have not been approved by Roto

Note for viewing PDF files

For the correct display of our PDF documents we recommend using the free software Adobe Acrobat Reader DC:

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