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  • The best performing casement locking system in the market

    The best performing casement locking system in the market

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The locking systems for Roto Casement&Awning windows consist of a combination of a locking rod, which is already equipped with strikers on request, a lock-lever and individual strikers.

The LB08 locking rod made of high-quality stainless steel with its up to six locking points can certainly be considered the strongest system on the Casement&Awning market. The special mushroom cams provide reliable protection against unauthorized jemmying and run simply and securely into the positionable strikers by means of their plastic rollers.

Depending on the opening type, the lock-lever is, mounted on the window frame at the side or bottom and forms the link to the locking rod. The one-piece housing features a patented movement sequence via the axis to ensure burglar-resistant security and is also excellently protected against possible effects of the weather. An audible click signals the respective end positions of the lever to the user.

The levers are available in the versions LH14 for timber windows and LB08 for PVC windows – each with various coatings.

In order to meet all application requirements if possible, we offer a large choice of strikers for our Casement&Awning systems. PVC versions matched to the colour of the locking rod and stainless-steel strikers are available.

All components of this coordinated locking system can be installed easily and safely on the sash and frame without tools.

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