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    The modern handle product range

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With Roto Swing, you give your own design creativity free reign and define the personality of your windows, balcony and terrace doors by choosing the colours and technical versions.

A wide selection of RAL colours and special colours can be combined to meet any design requirements. The single elements (lever handle, fully covered rosette, rosette cover and triangular design element) of the handle unit, which can be designed in different colours according to your needs, are a unique selling point on the market.

If you prefer a subtle colour scheme, then unicoloured Roto Swing handles are available in all standard colours.

The Roto Swing handles are furnished with the Roto logo (via laser) on the lever handle as standard. It is possible to accommodate a customer logo (print) on one side or on both sides of the design element between lever handle and rosette or even centered under it.

The following Roto Swing handle variants are available for equipping your windows to help you meet individual security and comfort requirements. For detailed information on the individual technical functions, see the technology section.

  • Standard
    Basic handle without any additional function
  • Lockable 40 Nm
    Equipped with turn cylinder for locking and unlocking; basic security, not tested; suitable as child safety lock
  • Lockable 100 Nm
    Turn cylinder; burglar-inhibiting retrofit product (DIN 18104-1); lock the closed or tilted window quickly and simply by pushing down the cylinder
  • Secustik®
    Invisible security against manipulation from the outside, self-locking blocking mechanism; safety bolt
  • Push-to-open
    Forcible displacement of the hardware from the outside is prevented; the window can be operated when the button is pressed
  • Tilt-First
    Lockable with turn cylinder, "Tilt before Turn"
Roto Swing abschliessbar 40 Nm
Roto Swing Standard
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