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  • Concealed hinges for doors

    Concealed hinges for doors

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An increasing number of homeowners are opting for large aluminium doors thanks to their modern look, sophisticated appearance and durability.

Even heavy doors can be moved simply and effortlessly with the Roto Solid C concealed door hinge. It is also easy to install efficiently and in simple steps.



Application ranges

  • Concealed hinge for aluminium main entrance doors up to 140 kg
  • Inward Opening / outward opening
  • Usable on the left and right
  • Max. door opening angle: 110°

Product characteristics


  • FixClick function for mounting the sash quickly and securely
  • Central adjusting screw for simple height adjustment
  • Usable on the left and right so has fewer parts
  • Reduced installation time because the sash hinge and frame hinge are packaged separately



  • High installation security thanks to audible engagement of the hinges
  • Long service life tested over 400,000 opening cycles based on DIN EN 1191 (for inward opening doors)
  • Maximum long-term functional performance class certified in accordance with DIN EN 1935
  • Maximum corrosion resistance class (5) in accordance with DIN EN 1670
  • Suitable for burglar inhibiting door equipment as per RC 2



  • Concealed position accentuates door design and facade
  • Neutral colours of black/silver suit all main door colours
  • Robust appearance with clear, sleek outlines



  • Requires no maintenance thanks to self-lubricating bush
  • Easy to clean because the mechanics are concealed
  • Uninterrupted gasket level prevents heat loss
  • Adjustment with hex key


3D adjustment possibilities

  • Side: ±3 mm
  • Height: +4/-2 mm
  • Gasket compression: ±1.2 mm


Installation assistance set

  • 3 x locking wedges to fix the hinge supports in place; positions all three hinges at the same angle during Installation
  • 1 x combination tool to quickly release the spring Clip
  • 3 x anti-jemmy devices (replacement parts)


Roto Video

Roto Solid C

Roto Solid C

Installation video

Roto Solid C  - Adjustment

Roto Solid C - Adjustment

Installation video

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