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  • Butt hinges for doors

    Butt hinges for doors

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Butt hinges for timber doors

Roto Solid B 170 R
Roto Solid B 150 R

Butt Hinges 170 R & 150 R

Main features

  • 170 R: 3-part butt hinge for main entrance doors up to 120 kg
  • 150 R: 2-part butt hinge for main entrance doors up to 100 kg

Application ranges

  • For inward and outward opening doors
  • For back doors with closed reinforcement on the sash
  • Suitable for all conventional PVC profile systems with Euro-groove, overlap of 20 mm and axis dimension of 13 mm
  • Available version for timber profile systems
  • Ideal for doors with double-sided sash-overlapping panels

Product characteristics

  • Application DIN left/DIN right
  • Large variety of colours due to coatable materials, which can also be anodised
  • Axis and support pins made of stainless steel
  • Load-bearing parts made of extruded aluminium
  • Rolled and welded parts made of refined steel
  • Powerful screw-fixing due to hexalobular socket Torx key T30

Adjustment possibilities

  • Adjustments without changing the roller body aesthetics and without relieving of the door sash
  • Laterally: +/- 2 mm
  • Height: +4/-3 mm
  • Gasket compression: -0.5 mm
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