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  • Mechanical Multi-Point Locking Systems for Lever-Handle Operated Doors

    Mechanical Multi-Point Locking Systems for Lever-Handle Operated Doors

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With our Roto Safe multi point locking systems consisting of a main lock, the additional locking points and frame components, we offer tailored solutions to suit a range of security needs on doors from backset size 25 mm and up to 3 m in height.

Even in the standard version we attach particular value to a high degree of basic security provided by a 3-point locking system.

For stricter security requirements with 5-point locking systems up to Resistance Class 3 (RC 3: break-in attempts with two screwdrivers and a crowbar) for wide profiles, it is possible to fit the door with a variety of additional locks above and below the main lock:

  • Bolts (3-point/5-point lock, RC 1-3)
  • Power wedge (3-point/5-point lock, RC 1-3)
  • Bolt / power wedge combination (3-point/5-point lock, RC 1-3)
  • Twist bolts (3-point lock, RC 1-3)
  • V cams (5-point lock, RC 1-2)

The special PowerLock for handle-operated multi point locking systems locks automatically the door when closing, and the latch is immediately safeguarded against manipulation. System blocking can be done with the key as usual.


Selecting suitable frame components enables you to further increase the security of the locking system:

  • Particularly stable security strikers (available as individual strikers or as striker strips)
  • On hinge-side rebate safety devices, two bolts automatically secure the door when it is closed, and in combination with Roto Solid door hinges prevent a break-in via the hinge side
  • Roto Safe electrical opener, optionally with locking pin and manual unlocking
  • It is possible to integrate Roto MVS for monitoring the opening and locking status of doors
  • It is possible to integrate Roto MTS for thermostat control for the central building control system
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