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  • Mechanical Multi-Point Locking Systems for Lever-Handle Operated Doors

    Mechanical Multi-Point Locking Systems for Lever-Handle Operated Doors

Roto Safe H › Roto Safe for 2-leaved doors

Roto Safe for 2-leaved doors

Our double doors can be divided up into three flexible installation categories with regard to comfort and security:

With the Basic 2-leafed door solution, two hand actions are needed to open the door. Two easily reachable shootbolt protrusions at the top and bottom lock the passive leaf. The finger levers can be folded out easily without injuring your fingers.
The Basic solution is ideal for when the second leaf does not have to be opened every day.

A movable striker on the connecting rod of the bottom shootbolt protrusion engages behind the V cam and protects the door against unauthorised opening. Tampering from the outside is almost impossible.

  • Mechanical multi point locking system with V cam, bolt, power wedge or combination lock on the active leaf
  • Passive leaf can be locked with shootbolt protrusion
Verr-/ Entriegelung mit zwei Handgriffen
Handhebel mit integriertem Schließstück
V-Zapfen, Bolzen, Kraftkeil, Kombinationsverriegelung


In contrast to the Basic solution, with the Comfort double door solution just one hand action is needed to lock the passive leaf at the top and bottom. Here, locking is done via a lever-operated espagnolette with a reverse-action locking.

The V cam locks on the active leaf give the door a medium level of security against break-ins, and the integrated shootbolt protrusion provides additional burglary protection.

  • Mechanical multi point locking with the V cam on the active leaf
  • Passive leaf lockable via lever-operated espagnolette
V-Zapfen am Gehflügel
Einhandbedienung mit gegenläufigem Verschluss

With our Premium solution for double doors, we offer you the highest level of security and comfort.

The passive leaf is locked by means of a modern lever-operated espagnolette. The one-hand operated fold-away lever cannot be moved when the door is closed. The finger lever provides maximum operating comfort thanks to its special ergonomics and the spring-loaded function. The force expended to operate the lever is minimum.

The selectable 5-point lock up to Burglary Resistance Grade 3 (BRG 3: Burglary attempts with two screwdrivers and a crowbar) is unique for double doors.

  • Mechanical and mechanical-automatic locking with automatic bolt (Tandeo lock for automatic locking of the door after closing) on the active leaf
  • Multi point locking with 2 or 4 bolts, hooks or automatic bolts (Tandeo lock)
  • Passive leaf lockable via lever-operated espagnolette
  • Additional burglary inhibition with integrated, gasket-compression adjustable shootbolt protrusions
  • High level of anti-tampering security with the retractable lever solution
  • Just one connecting piece for all door heights
Handhebel Premium
Tandeo Automatikbolzen

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