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    Electromechanical Multi-Point Locking Systems for Doors

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Surface Finishes

We treat all hardware components as standard with our unique coating technology Roto Sil Nano.

This involves galvanizing the basic material, passivating it with nano particles and then visually sealing it. In addition, powder-coated hardware components are available in all RAL colours.

  • Optimum corrosion protection with unique self-healing in the event of minor scratches
  • Nano particles tension the surface and make it extremely resistant to aggressive substances
  • Roto Sil Nano displays “extraordinarily high resistance to red-coloured rust” and thereby exceeds what is required by the standard DIN EN 13126/8 Class 4 as per EN 1670:2007 (D) many times over.
  • The coating technology is free of chromium (VI) compounds, is also environmentally safe and poses no health risks
  • The components have an even, matt silver appearance

The dummy mullion modules and strikers made of brushed stainless steel are available to you for high-quality aluminium frames. They impress with their attractive appearance, excellent resistance to manual stress and maximum corrosion resistance.

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