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  • Electromechanical Multi-Point Locking Systems for Doors

    Electromechanical Multi-Point Locking Systems for Doors

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No doubt you've been in the situation of standing at the door with your hands full. Retrieving the key to the door can definitely be a tiresome chore – not to mention how inconvenient it is to open the door with things still in your hands.

For situations like this (or simply for the sake of convenience) there's the Roto Safe E | Eneo, our electromechanical multi point locking system for main-entrance doors. With this, you don’t even need a key to open the door and when the door closes, the lock locks electrically and automatically.

Roto Safe E | Eneo is available in the following variants:

  • Eneo C
    With this comfortable electromechanical multi point locking system you don’t even need a key to open the door. It enables a locked door to be opened from the inside using the push-button, while an unlocked door can be opened with the lever handle. As soon as the door closes again after you’ve entered, it will lock itself again automatically if you want it to – electrically, securely and pleasantly quietly.
    Besides single-family homes and apartments, this solution is also ideal for offices, shops, hotels, residential homes, club houses or parking garages.
  • Eneo CC
    This variant has the same advantages as Eneo C, but is equipped with a comfort opening. Thus the door can be opened in any locking state with the lever handle.
  • Eneo CF
    for emergency exit doors (as per DIN EN 179)
Eneo C: Komfortabel per ...
... Fernbedienung öffnen

Roto Safe E | Eneo can be conveniently unlocked via the hand-Held radio transmitter or further access control systems. The system locks electrically and automatically after the door is closed. Of course, the door can also be locked and unlocked at any time with a key.

  • Very short locking and unlocking times thanks to a quiet and completely maintenance-free, powerful and durable electrical motor
  • Flexibility via day mode (door is closed but not locked) and night mode (door is locked automatically) at the press of a button
  • Day/night switch shows the actual Setting
  • No non-restricted cylinder needed, no risk of injury
  • Various access control Systems for maximum comfort and security (hand-Held radio transmitter, Phone & Code, fingerscan)
  • Radio receiver is integrated as standard in the drive unit

The standard version of the multi point lock offers resistance class 2 security (RC 2 / RC 2N: Protection against burglary tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, and wedges).

  • As additional locking points, you have a choice of combination lock (C), power wedge (CH) or bolts (CB)
  • Emergency opening with a key is possible at any time, including when there is a power failure
Eneo C/CC/CF Antriebseinheit
C600 Kombiverriegelung
Eneo Tag-/Nachtschalter aktiv



Roto Safe E Eneo C | CC | CF


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