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  • Electromechanical Multi-Point Locking Systems for Doors

    Electromechanical Multi-Point Locking Systems for Doors

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Main-entrance doors to apartment buildings often only have a simple lock and electrical opener, which means that they don't offer any meaningful level of security.

With our Roto Safe E | Eneo A electromechanical multi point locking system for main-entrance doors in apartment buildings, you literally bar the way to unwanted guests: The integrated Tandeo lock locks the door mechanically and automatically, and is easy to open again via an electric button (normally on the intercom system).
For emergency exit doors conforming to DIN EN 179, our range includes the Roto Safe P | Eneo AF variant.

Comfort & Security

The multi point lock of the integrated Roto Safe Tandeo lock locks the door mechanically and automatically as soon as it is closed – a major plus point in terms of convenience and protection against burglary. It can be opened again quickly and comfortably via an electric button (on the intercom system).

  • Extremely short unlocking time thanks to a quiet and completely maintenance-free, powerful and durable electrical Motor
  • The lock also can be opened via radio remote control. For this, special lock versions are designed with radio receiver located in the drive unit
  • Night-time locking: The door can no longer be opened via the intercom system
  • The standard version of the multi point lock offers permanent resistance class 2 security (RC 2 / RC 2N: Protection against burglary tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, and wedges)
  • It can be opened with a key at any time, including when there is a power failure
  • It is possible to integrate Roto MVS for monitoring the opening and locking status of doors
  • It is possible to integrate Roto MTS for thermostat control for the central building control system
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