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  • Parallel stainless-steel stays for outward opening windows

    Parallel stainless-steel stays for outward opening windows

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The Roto PS Aintree product range includes high-performance parallel stainless-steel stays and accessories for aluminium windows with a sash weight of up to 200 kg.

Outward opening integrated parallel stainless-steel stays on the one hand limit the window’s opening range and on the other hand ensure that the sash can be held open at any opening width. As a result, parallel stainless-steel stays ensure that the window sash can be continually controlled when moved.
A fully frame surrounding window opening guarantees excellent natural ventilation and ensures a pleasant room climate. In addition, these windows have an extremely high joint impermeability, especially if the window is exposed to strong winds.

The parallel stainless-steel stays can be used in areas in which the hardware's corrosion resistance plays an important role thanks to the use of austenitic stainless steel. These include in particular coastal zones or heavily industrialised regions.

Installation friendliness

A particular focus in the Roto FS Kempton product range’s definition and assembly is placed on installation friendliness and the broadest possible range of application: as a result, parallel stays‘ area of application ranges from weights of around 100 to 200 kg window sashes.

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