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  • Comfort hardware for large sliding doors

    Comfort hardware for large sliding doors

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On the Roto Patio Life, standard security components provide effective protection against break-ins as standard in line with RC 2 / RC 2N (Resistance Class 2).

The sliding doors also remain completely locked with the concealed night ventilation feature, as the striker pins with the mushroom-head security cam are anchored securely in the security striker.

Auch bei Spaltlüftung... der Pilzzapfen...
...fest im Schließstück

Where security demands are more stringent, electronic components for monitoring opening and locking and for hazard detection and burglar alarms can be integrated without any problem:

  • Roto MVS
    As soon as a magnetic field is disturbed, for example during the violent opening of the window, the concealed detector sends a signal to the alarm control panel
  • Glass breakage detector for monitoring glazed surfaces

More information about security and the locking concept can be found under our Roto NT hardware system.

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